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Il Social Forum degli U.S.A.

The World Social Forum has finally arrived in the U.S. with the slogan “Another World is possible: another U.S. is necessary.” The USSF take place in Atlanta, Georgia between June 27th and July 1st. This is a strategic step towards building this other world from within the Empire, responding to a real necessity.Going to the heart of the Empire to unite the fight for Housing Rights without Borders

Budapest, May 27: Housing, Not Walls!

Walled-up social housing unit (Budapest, May 13 2010, avarosmindenkie) The “City is for All” holds a rally in front of the building of the local authority of Ferencváros, with the slogan “Housing, Not Walls!”, to protest the anti-social behaviour of the mayor and the housing department. After delivering our letter to the office, we will symbolically wall up the entrance of the local authority, as they do with foreclosed social rental flats.

USA, Survivor's Village Right to Return Weekend

The Right to Return The Take Back the Land Movement May 2010 Month of Action to Elevate Housing to the Level of a Human Right kicked off on May 1st with Right 2 Survive in Portland, OR and will conclude with a bang as Survivor's Village hosts the Right to Return Weekend in New Orleans, LA.

Budapest, Rally for the right to housing and against forced evictions

Housing, not walls! On May 27, 2010 the City is for All (A Város Mindenkié) held a rally in front of the building of the local authority of Ferencváros in Budapest, Hungary, with the slogan “Housing, Not Walls!” The aim of the rally was to protest the anti-social behavior of the mayor and the local housing department.

USA, Poverty Working Group Announcements USSF

Over 20,000 people from across the United States and the world will unite at USSF in Detroit from June 22 – 26 to articulate visions and plan concrete strategies to strengthen and build our movements for social justice. The USSF is grounded in an understanding that successful social movements are always led by those most affected. The Poverty Working Group of the USSF has been working for months to bring poor people from across the country to Detroit for this historic opportunity to unite and create strategic plans for action.

Verso l'organizzazione di un nuovo movimento paneuropeo degli inquilini

Here we are, for social justiceIt is necessary to connect all experiences in Germany, Polish and in other European countries, because the deregulation plans of the EU have also reached the tenant area. It is important to mobilize not only for the opposition against privatizations in this area, but the main demand "Housing is a right and not a commodity" must be passed on to the people in order to fight against evictions and social exclusion forming a new movement. We want housing policy to become the policy of the European Union.

Outraged and fighting for the Right to housing!

It is no coincidence that a series of global initiatives are being put into place in this warm month of October; among them are the Global Week of Action against debt and international financial institutions, the Cry of the Excluded and, incidentally, the protests scheduled for October 15, United for Global Action. It is no coincidence either that, at the same moment, for the first time, and in all continents,  organisations and inhabitants networks are working together on the occasion of World Habitat Days.