Keyword: Social Forum for popular resistance to Habitat III

International Tribunal on Evictions - 5th Session Oct 17th 2016 - Quito,Ecuador

The 5th Session of the ITE to be held on October 17th, 2016, within the People’s Social Forum Resistance Habitat III (Universidad Central de Ecuador, Facultad de Jurisprudencia y Sciencias Politicas, Quito, 17-20 October 2016), and at the very earth of the World Zero Evictions Days 2016.

Provisional verdict fifth session of the International Tribunal on Evictions - People’s social forum resistance Habitat III - Quito, 17 october 2016

Presentation of the seven cases at the 5th Session of the International Tribunal on Evictions (ITE), held in the city of Quito, representing situations affecting communities and individuals from all five continents. The selection have been made within the 88 cases received, from 35 countries as a response to the Call for Cases sent for the 5th  Session, related to the eviction of 980.000 people.

Urgente: mobilitazione internazionale per Sfratti Zero a Monte Sinai, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Dear friends,I am writing to you to pass on a call to solidarity that we have just received from our comrades in Ecuador; it concerns the evictions taking place in Mount Sinai, Guayaquil, which are once again underway.As can be seen  watching the video given below, the situation is very tense. Not forgetting that in 2013 other very violent evictions were carried out  in the same area, further tragedy is likely.

Dichiarazione per la Difesa dei Nostri Territori

Rampant speculation, the basis for the new global economy, finds its engine of growth in cities. Urbanisation processes are presented as unavoidable and official agendas are based on this perception, in order to disguise how cities have turned into a commodity, an object of desire for the accumulation of capital. This has led us to ever more segregated and inequitable cities, reproducing the systematic violence of a patriarchal, racist and xenophobic system. In this model, access to services has become more of a privilege than a right.