Keyword: Urgency of Housing

Haiti: basta con la violenza contro gli sfollati interni residenti nei campi. Sosteniamo la stabilità abitativa

The representatives from more than 50 camps who have united in Haiti from May 19-21, 2011 under the initiative of the Force for Reflection and Action on Housing (FRAKKA), together with other partners and comrades from other countries who participated in the International Forum on the Crisis of Housing in Haiti, have decided to mobilize at national and international levels against forced expulsions, to push the government to assume its responsibility to guarantee the right of housing for all.

Final Resolution, International Forum on the crisis of housing in Haiti

We, organizations of survivors living in internally displaced persons’ [IDP] camps, as well as social and grassroots organizations, assembled for three days (May 19-21, 2011) at Fany Villa in Port-au-Prince to reflect on the problem of housing within Haiti’s longstanding crisis. Following an exchange around the theme “January 12: Nightmares, Reality and Dreams,” we state: