Keyword: World Assembly of Inhabitants

Declaración de Madrid

The Madrid Declaration ... we call and support the convocation of a World Assembly of Inhabitants for 2011 ... Madrid, June 2nd 2008, International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAH) delegates of popular organizations of different continents meeting at Madrid for the Coordination Committee of the IAH. The Madrid Declaration (english June 2, 2008).pdf [120.77 kB]

Cap Nord du FSE a Malmoe

The European Social Forum ‘Cap Nord’ in Malmö (17-21 September 2008) is the unexpected product of an initiatve to bring the anti-globalisation debate to the historical (and now crisis-ridden) homeland of social democracy and the welfare state, to establish direct links between the social movements of the European Union and those of the former Soviet bloc.

Giornate Mondiali Sfratti Zero 2008

We hereby invite : inhabitants’, tenants’, homeless, landless, immigrants’ associations; co-operatives, committees and social centres as well as urban social movements all across the world to increase their own initiatives (i.e. marches, press conferences, sit-ins, solidarity days, blocks, meetings, etc)

FSM 2009: Le levier unitaire des habitants pour sortir de la crise globale

Key question: Are the inhabitants ready to face the crisis? The crisis is the source of all sorts of drastic change, but are we ready to face it with unified proposals that are capable of combining resistance with alternatives? As Marxist geographer David Harvey highlighted during his presentation at the seminar on the right to the city, this is the most serious crisis and the most structurally rooted crisis in urban areas in modern history. Consequently, could the social movements attack the roots on the premise of the right to housing and to the city? How? With whom? When?

Habitants à Istanbul, direction Dakar

The World Assembly of Inhabitants (WAI) is being prepared to stop over in Istanbul, incidentally during the European Social Forum, to root this proposition together to local organizations, give it a regional dimension, and strengthen the dialogue with social sectors that demand that the this crisis end through “another possible world.” After the Urban Social Forum, which successfully launched the Call from Rio, several Unitary Promoter Committees of the WAI came together. So the moment has come for inhabitant organizations from Europe to contribute to this process.

USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants Launched

Launching the USACAI at the whole of USSF In the context of historic levels of homelessness, displacement, forced evictions, and foreclosures, some 100 housing activists from many parts of the USA and Canada voted unanimously to create the USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants (USACAI). They had come to a June 24 session at the US Social Forum entitled How to Claim the Right to Housing and the City: Take Over, Take Back, and Take It to the World .

Inhabitants, from Bangalore to Dakar

The city of Bangalore, India is welcoming the World Assembly of Inhabitants (WAI) from August 18 to 23, 2010 during this new building phase. It was preceded by an important preview on August 16 - i.e. meetings with inhabitants' organisations of Delhi's popular neighbourhoods, involved in the struggle against evictions caused by the investments of the next Commonwealth Games.