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Organize an action in your community for International Housing Rights/Zero Eviction Days in October!

Housing rights networks in the US and Canada are fighting back. The USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants has launched a campaign to fight the criminalization of the homeless and affirm the right to housing for all. The National Alliance of HUD Tenants has mobilized to fight budget cuts, rent increases and time limits on housing aid that threaten millions with displacement. Take Back the Land and others are taking direct action to block foreclosures and evictions and to house the homeless in cities across the US.And all are joining the World Habitat Days launched by Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI)...

Claiming the rights to housing, land, and the city Decriminalization/Civil Rights Campaign

The Decriminalization/Civil Rights Campaign is one of several initiatives and events that will be part of the WAI’s World Habitat Days. It is intended specifically to resist the criminalization of poor and homeless people and to insist that the governments of the USA and Canada meet commitments to the alternatives--adequate and affordable housing for every family.

Movie: More Than A Roof

When Raquel Rolnik, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, heeded a call to visit the United States during the heart of the housing crisis, it was the first time a United Nations housing expert had ever formally investigated the United States.

The World Habitat Days & Zero Eviction Days in India

National Forum for Urban Poor (NFUP ), an active member of Leaders and Organisors of Community Organisations in Asia (LOCOA ) and affiliated to International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI ), committed to the decision taken by the World Assembly of Inhabitants at WSF-Dakar , 2011, call upon all housing and land rights activists/organisations to join in mass actions in 4 Mega Cities (Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore ) of India between 1 st  October and 31 st  October 2011  to demand an immediate end to forced evictions and land grabbing, and a halt to the persecution and intimidation of activists and genuine fulfillment of the right to housing and land for all.

The World Habitat Days & Zero Eviction Days in Bangladesh

National Parliament House, Dhaka, BangladeshOctober 3 2011 9.00 am The WAI Bangladesh Committee Meeting (IPD, RHDS, PDAP, PRATTAY, PROSHIKA & Shelter for the Poor), invite all the people to participate to the following activities to observe the World Habitat Days & Zero Eviction Days 2011 in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, Human chain and meeting for Zero Evictions and Right to Housing

Organized by the International Alliance of Inhabitants-WAI Bangladesh the people of Bangladesh have observed the World Habitat Day 2011 successfully completed the following activities for the day.

California, Prayer Walk for Homes and Healing

CHAM is organizing a Prayer Walk for Homes and Healing to take place at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, October 6. The walk will begin at St. James Park near the corner of First and St. John Street, and will proceed through the neighborhood where we will pass by and pray before several vacant and/or foreclosed homes.

Making Phnom Penh an Eviction Free Zone

Please join us for the Phnom Penh solidarity event, hosted by the Housing Rights Task Force (HRTF), which will include speeches by activists, film trailers, video footage and photos of evictions, as well as a call to sign a petition to make Phnom Penh an Eviction Free Zone. John Vink to present photos of recent Boeung Kak Lake evictions. 

Hundreds demonstrated against the growing criminalization of homelessness in Budapest

On 17 October, The City is for All (AVM) held a major demonstration against a government proposal to impose a €500 fine or imprisonment on people who are found “residing in public places” twice over the course of 6 months. According to AVM, the proposal is unconstitutional and inhumane, since it punishes homeless people for not having appropriate housing.

Make Phnom Penh an Eviction Free Zone!

Launching Petition Make Phnom Penh an Eviction Free Zone Over the past two decades, over ten percent of the Phnom Penh’s population has been displaced, often for poorer futures. These World Habitat Days, join us in calling on Phnom Penh Governor Kep Chuktema to end forced evictions and declare Phnom Penh an Eviction Free Zone . The last day to sign the petition is November 1 2011.

Mumbai, WHD: Rally, Memorandum and Joint Anti-Evictions Task Force announced

WHD, Rally from Mahim Phatak to Pivla Bunglow in Dharavi (Mumbai, October 31 2011) A new alliance of inhabitants organizations organized the World Habitat Day. About 500 grass-root communities submitted a Memorandum to the State Chief Minister demanding to Stop Forceful Evictions and open a dialogue with Local Communities, NGOs and CBOs to find appropriate solutions to the Mumbai’s housing crisis in full compliance with the ICESCR. To support the demands, it was announced setting up of the Joint Anti-Eviction Task Force involving all the stake-holders.

Budapest, Spectacular performance ended up in short-term-arrest of activists

On 11 November 2011 the group City is for All (AVM) held a demonstration in front of the municipality of Budapest’s 8th district claiming that local mayor Mate Kocsis repeal his proposal to impose a 530 euros fine on homeless people or 60 days of imprisonment for "residing in public places"

Bamako, le raccomandazioni di un Forum riuscito

Over 1,000 people, including delegates from various regions, attended the second Evicted People's Forum, held last October 23, 2011 at the Pyramid of Remembrance in Bamako and organized by UACDDDD. It's central theme was: "Deprived of land, habitat, and rights in Africa and elsewhere: how do we get to the roots of the issues and address the problems that victims face?"