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Ghana, Sodom Flex Muscles against evictions

A section of the demonstrators September 10 2009THOUSANDS OF inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah yesterday thronged the forecourt of Sikkens, at Agbogbloshie, in protest of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s (AMA) immediate plans to eject them from the slum, which, after many years, has become their home.

Ejecuciones hipotecarias y derecho a la vivienda

Acción contra la subasta de un piso en Barcelona (2009) Para abordar esta problemática, el 22 de junio 2009, el Observatori DESC, con el apoyo del Departamento de Vivienda de la Generalitat de Catalunya y del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona, organizó unas jornadas orientadas a conocer cuáles son las posibilidades y los límites de las actuales estrategias jurídicas para hacer frente a la insolvencia familiar. En esta publicación se recogen las ponencias presentadas y se añade un documento de síntesis elaborado por el Observatori.

L’Amérique latine invente le logement social «anti-subprime»

Alors que l'immobilier aux Etats-Unis est en pleine déconfiture, des projets alternatifs de logements populaires s'imposent à l'extrême sud du continent. De Buenos Aires à São Paulo, des coopératives d'habitants s'organisent pour atténuer les ravages de la crise du logement.Article par Ludovic Lamant, 21 Août 2009

This is Port Harcourt, the Garden City of Rubble

Ohaeri,SERAC In a manner reminiscent of the infamous July 1990 Maroko forced evictions, thousands of poor inhabitants of Njemanze waterfront community, Port Harcourt, have at the peak of torrential rains of the coastal delta region of Nigeria, been forcibly evicted, rendered homeless, and pushed deeper into poverty. The intrigues, planning and execution methods of the Njemanze demolitions tells a moving story that evokes imageries of a rudderless ship in an open sea, sailing stealthily to a damning fate. The storyline seamlessly weaves what would have been the good, the not so good, and potentially the nastiest that is to happen since the waterfronts demolitions saga began.

Cambodia: Newest Evacuation ‘Biggest in Decades’

Boeung Kak Lake PHNOM PENH, Aug 28 (IPS) - Dozens of families this week started dismantling their homes and moving away from lakeside land in the centre of the capital after giving up on their lengthy struggle to remain. By the end of the eviction process at this site, around 30,000 people will have been moved off now-valuable land. Human rights workers said it will be the biggest movement of Cambodians from their homes in decades.

Relatores Nacionais em Direitos Humanos são eleitos em Brasília

Nesta terça-feira (18/08/2009) foram eleitos os cinco especialistas que exercerão, nos próximos dois anos, a função de Relator Nacional em direitos humanos. Cada especialista irá trabalhar em um tema específico, como Direito Humano à Cidade, à Educação, ao Meio Ambiente, à Saúde – com ênfase em Direitos Sexuais e Reprodutivos – e à Terra, Território e Alimentação. O objetivo é que estes relatores monitorem a situação dos direitos humanos no país, através de investigação de denúncias, da averiguação in loco de violações emblemáticas e da publicação de relatórios e recomendações aos órgãos competentes.

Nairobi River Basin Programme, Problems and delays in the project

Photo: Francesco Fantini Nairobi produces an average of 2,400 tons of garbage per day, of which only half is taken to the only municipal waste dump, Dandora, on the eastern edge of the city, whereas the other half is dumped in illegal sites here and there throughout the territory. These “secondary”, uncontrolled dumps are one of the major sources of pollution of the Nairobi River Basin, when the rains arrive and spread this blend of refuse along the banks of the river. This critical situation is made even worse by the liquid industrial waste discharged illegally into the river, with no regard for existing legislation on this issue, often under the collusion of the City Council, which does nothing to impede these bad practices, just as in the worst scenarios about pollution that one reads about in children’s books. The “green city in the sun” is not very green, when in fact, the only place which gives the illusion that there are no waste problems, is the city center, with its shining buildings and well tended gardens promoted through the City Council’s Beautification Programme.

Venezuela, Land Law benefit Popular Sectors

La Orquesta Sinfónica en el Barrio La Vega, Caracas The Law on Urban Lands, approved this Friday morning by the National Assembly, is animating urban social development plans for families who have a right to a dignified dwelling, said the deputy Alberto Castelar, vice-president of the Commission of the Family, Women and Youth.

Independent UN expert sounds alarm on mass forced evictions in Nigeria

The waterfront widows begging government not do demolish their houses 13 August 2009 – An independent United Nations human rights expert today voiced her concerns at the mass evictions planned by the River State Government in Nigeria which could leave hundreds of thousands of people homeless over the coming year.“Forced evictions can only be justified in the most exceptional cases and in full compliance with international human rights law,” Raquel Rolnik, the Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, said in a news release.

Milan gets behind Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup baton passes from Melbourne (pictured) to Milan (©UEFA) 29 July 2009 - UEFA The City of Milan and Italian partners welcomed the UEFA-backed Homeless World Cup to its next destination on Monday, with a vow to make the competition's seventh edition a "phenomenal success".