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Inhabitants of Europe


Roma, 23/11/12, Il diritto alla casa bussa alle porte del governo

Continua l'autunno caldo per il diritto alla casa, fronte di lotta contro le politiche europee di austerità. Dopo il FSU, la Campagna Sfratti Zero ha assunto una dimensione politica generale: il 10 ottobre un centinaio di iniziative in tutta Italia, il 27 ottobre, con tutti i sindacati inquilini,  mobilitazione generale, il 23 novembre, manifestazione a Roma, sotto la sede del governo. Senza dimenticare le ormai centinaia di picchetti anti-sfratto. Ma è solo l’inizio.

The Hungarian Constitutional Court struck down on the criminalization of homelessness

The rule of law has prevailed!We are very happy to announce that the Hungarian Constitutional Court, the country’s highest court, has confirmed what The City is for All has represented for years. Congratulations and solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants

Germany: Tenants protest against financial investors in front of NRW parliament

Members of the parliament and tenants organizers showed up and supported the tenant’s demands In the morning of last Friday, October 26th, about 50 tenants, delegates from various neighborhoods and towns in the Rhine-Ruhr-area, gathered in front of the state parliament of North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Dusseldorf, Germany. The mostly elderly persons showed posters with crossed-out locusts and the slogan “Stop financial investors! Save our neighborhoods!”

Francia, requisiciones, DALO, Derecho a la vivienda en la Constitución, ¿empezando a reaccionar?

Manifestación en París a petición del DAL (Radio France, Nathanael Charbonnier, 27 10 2012) La movilización de las requisiciones del sábado 27 de octubre concluyó con una reunión de una delegación en la que la ministra de vivienda, Cécile Duflot, expresó su apoyo sobre el principio de requisar viviendas vacías, indicando que no habrán más desalojos de prioritarios DALO, y expresó su deseo de insertar el Derecho a la vivienda en la Constitución, todas reivindicaciones de los movimientos sociales para la vivienda.

Genève, Le Collectif 500 rencontre l’Alliance Internationale des Habitants

Non à la destruction des quartiers populaires de Genève (Collectif 500, 2012) Le Collectif 500, qui regroupe des citoyens qui s’opposent à la destruction de quartiers populaires de Genève, menacés par un projet d’extension de la gare centrale de Cornavin, a rencontré Cesare Ottolini, coordinateur de l'AIH, non par hasard lors des Journées Mondiales Zéro Expulsions-pour le Droit d'Habiter.

Sans logis et DALO, 100 000 logements tout de suite!

Samedi 27/10/12 RV 15h Place du Palais Royal Pour demander le lancement en urgence d’un plan de mobilisation/réquisition de 100 000 logements vacants, les sans logis, les prioritaires DALO et les mal logés, après une marche des réquisitions, se rendront au Ministère du logement.

In 100 piazzas, the 10th of October and beyond!

The promoters' complaint: evictions are not private tragedies but violations of law caused by disastrous political choices; a national policy is needed immediately: a moratorium on all evictions, including those caused by arrearage and inculpable foreclosures, a control of the market and financing for social housing. A mission to Italy by UN's Special Rapporteur on Housing Rights will take place soon.

Call from Geneva: A city by and for its inhabitants!

To the United Nations, governments and the whole of civil society, We, the social movements, organisations, networks and NGOs that participated in the Habitat Forum Geneva 2012, denounce violations of the rights to housing and to habitat that affect more than a billion inhabitants of our communities throughout the world, of which between 60 and 70 million are threatened with eviction. This situation is made worse by the global economic crisis and the agendas of neoliberal policies.

Geneva Habitat Forum 2012, a weapon for the right to housing

Geneva, United Nations (Demir Sonmez, 29/09/12) Over 400 participants have declared the Geneva Habitat Forum, which took place on the eve of World Zero Eviction Days - for the Right to Housing, a success. The opening conference, the awards for the civil society initiatives for sustainable cities, the International Evictions Tribunal and the Inhabitants March to the Palais des Nations Unies were among the strong points of the mobilization.

Partnership according to UN-Habitat. A call to save the planet through democracy

“Sorry if I arrived late and I haven’t been able to follow your talk, but I left my headset for interpretations in another room.” Thus the person representing UN-Habitat began the dialogue with civil society organisations at the World Urban Forum.