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Inhabitants of Europe


Do not keep silent: communicate your case of eviction!

The Tribunal for Evictions launches an international call to identify cases of evictions for its 2012 session. The Tribunal will take place on 28 September 2012 in Geneva within the Geneva Habitat Forum and for the launch of the World Zero Evictions days 2012.Fill out the eviction case webform before 31 August!

Call: publically denounce violations of housing and land rights

The USF Organizing Committee invites all social groups and organizations that wish to speak out against a specific violation of housing or land rights, caused either by eviction or land-grabbing, to take part in the “Eviction and Land-grabbing Tribunal ”.>>> To be sent before August 20 2012

Propose an initiative for the USF before 20 August 2012!

(www.napolimonitor.it, Peppe Cerillo, 2012) The Urban Social Forum Organizing Committee (Naples, Italy, 3 – 7 September 2012) invites all those who share the Call“The Right to City for the Defense of Common Goods” to propose a workshop, an assembly, a cultural activity, etc. to fill the common area of inhabitants’ organisations and international networks for housing rights with content and participation.

Per la città dei beni comuni: volontari ora, volontari tutti!

Il Foro Sociale Urbano lancia un bando rivolto a tutti i giovani e meno giovani che vogliono dare una mano nella realizzazione di un evento che, dal 3 al 7 settembre prossimi, farà di Napoli la capitale mondiale del diritto alla casa e alla città dei beni comuni.

Naples, the institutions should defend the right to the city of common goods, not the UNO-Habitat's WUF, which is eating up public spaces

40 days before the inauguration of the Urban Social Forum (USF) dedicated to the “right to the city of common goods ” as an alternative to UNO-Habitat's World Urban Forum (WUF),  the International Committee of the World Social Forum (IC WSF) has sent the institutions involved a strongly critical letter expressing its concern at the complete closure of spaces and the lack of collaboration with the USF.

Rassemblement, Mercredi 25 juillet 2012 à 12 H 00 Paris, Bercy, Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances

Le Collectif « Pour un Pôle public financier au service des Droits » appelle avec la « Plateforme Logement des Mouvements sociaux » à un rassemblement devant le Ministère des Finances le mercredi 25 juillet à 12 h 00 (Station de métro : BERCY) sur la question du doublement du plafond du Livret A qui risque d'être remis en cause sous la pression conjointe du patronat des banques et des assurances au détriment du financement des besoins sociaux, notamment du logement social.

Portugal, Solidarity against demolitions, for the right to housing

Portugal, Solidariedade contra as demolições, pelo direito à habitação We call all people and organizations to participate in a solidarity campaign with hundreads of families from the Santa Filomena neighbourhood, in Amadora, which are now in eminent danger of eviction from their homes, and wihouth any alternative accomodation or garanteed access to housing.

Let's build an open space for all those struggling for a City of Common Goods as an alternative to the market-city of UN-Habitat's WUF

Naples, Italy, 05 07 2012 With the participation of some thirty associations making up the Organising Committee, and in particular, with interventions by: Father Alex Zanotelli, Combonian Missionary; Consiglia Salvio, Movement for Water; Cesare Ottolini, Global Coordinator of IAI and member of the International Council of the WSF; and Mauro Forte, urbanist, the University of Naples Faculty of Architecture has hosted the public presentation of the Urban Social Forum (USF).

Send your video-postcards to the Urban Social Forum!

We're inviting everyone, from all over the world, to send us a video-postcard  they've made , so we can compile them into a living mosaic to motivate our invitations to participate in the USF in Naples, Italy, on 3-7 September 2012.

For the Right to the City of Common Goods!

A press conference will be held in Naples, Italy, at 12.00 am on 29th June 2012, in room 0.4 of the Faculty of Architecture, via Forno Vecchio , to launch the 2nd.  edition of the Urban Social Forum (USF ), with the participation of the organisers: Inhabitants' Organisations, Local Associations, NGOs, Movements and International Networks.