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Inhabitants of Europe


Geneva Habitat Forum 2012, a weapon for the right to housing

Geneva, United Nations (Demir Sonmez, 29/09/12) Over 400 participants have declared the Geneva Habitat Forum, which took place on the eve of World Zero Eviction Days - for the Right to Housing, a success. The opening conference, the awards for the civil society initiatives for sustainable cities, the International Evictions Tribunal and the Inhabitants March to the Palais des Nations Unies were among the strong points of the mobilization.

Partnership according to UN-Habitat. A call to save the planet through democracy

“Sorry if I arrived late and I haven’t been able to follow your talk, but I left my headset for interpretations in another room.” Thus the person representing UN-Habitat began the dialogue with civil society organisations at the World Urban Forum.

SE/ED Nápoles: Movimientos e instituciones: una relación difícil, pero necesaria

El encuentro en el Foro Social Urbano de Nápoles, promovido por eddyburg.it y por la escuela de verano de planificación, ha sido abierto por las intervenciones de Mauro Baioni e Ilaria Boniburini quienes han ilustrado las intervenciones, el desenvolvimiento, y las conclusiones del seminario, llevado a cabo en Sezano (VR) y dedicado al tema “Movimientos e Instituciones: sujetos antagonistas y subscriptores de un nuevo pacto”.


From 27th to 29th September 2012, The Geneva Habitat Forum has the pleasure to welcome civil society and academic actors, political figures and Inhabitants from here and elsewhere to reimagine a town as a place by and for its inhabitants.

The fight against the debt mountain, in favour of the right to housing

For the first time in a G8 country, emphasis has been placed on the link between the housing crisis and the global crisis, both products of the financialization of the economy. The proposed connection point for a radically innovative strategy: to fight for the reallocation of resources to public policy, by refusing to pay for the debt mountain and striking at the rent.

Share your experience! Come present your initiative!

On 28 September 2012, a selection of five “Civil Society Initiatives for Sustainable Cities” will be presented in Geneva during the Geneva Habitat Forum 2012.

Do not keep silent: communicate your case of eviction!

The Tribunal for Evictions launches an international call to identify cases of evictions for its 2012 session. The Tribunal will take place on 28 September 2012 in Geneva within the Geneva Habitat Forum and for the launch of the World Zero Evictions days 2012.Fill out the eviction case webform before 31 August!

Call: publically denounce violations of housing and land rights

The USF Organizing Committee invites all social groups and organizations that wish to speak out against a specific violation of housing or land rights, caused either by eviction or land-grabbing, to take part in the “Eviction and Land-grabbing Tribunal ”.>>> To be sent before August 20 2012

Propose an initiative for the USF before 20 August 2012!

(www.napolimonitor.it, Peppe Cerillo, 2012) The Urban Social Forum Organizing Committee (Naples, Italy, 3 – 7 September 2012) invites all those who share the Call“The Right to City for the Defense of Common Goods” to propose a workshop, an assembly, a cultural activity, etc. to fill the common area of inhabitants’ organisations and international networks for housing rights with content and participation.

Per la città dei beni comuni: volontari ora, volontari tutti!

Il Foro Sociale Urbano lancia un bando rivolto a tutti i giovani e meno giovani che vogliono dare una mano nella realizzazione di un evento che, dal 3 al 7 settembre prossimi, farà di Napoli la capitale mondiale del diritto alla casa e alla città dei beni comuni.