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Inhabitants of Europe


Neighbourhoods taking action together / Istanbul claims the right to the city

On 28 and 29 January 2012, the city of Istanbul hosted two days of initiatives to launch the Zero Evictions Campaign. This is the first response to the Call signed by around one hundred inhabitants’ organizations, urban social movements, networks, professionals and prominent figures to discuss and organize resistance to neoliberal urban development projects likely to have a highly destructive effect on people’s lives.

España, La PVD denuncia una ayuda encubierta a los bancos de 100.000 millones

La Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna, tras revisar el real decreto-ley del 30/12/11, denuncia que contiene una ayuda de 100.000 millones de euros en avales para los bancos, que no ha sido comunicada, y califica de inconcebible la recuperación de las desgravaciones fiscales a la compra de vivienda con todas las recomendaciones nacionales e internacionales en contra.

Abris de nuit Wallonie/Bruxelles

Présentation du dispositif d'hiver pour venir en aide aux personnes sans domicile. La Wallonie diffère de Bruxelles à ce sujet. En effet, ce sont les «Relais Sociaux» instaurés il y a une dizaine d’années qui nous ont répondu. Comme le dit bien leur nom, l’objectif de ces «Relais» est de mettre en réseau tous les services d’aide aux personnes en difficulté.

Russia,«We have deserved our housing!». Workers of Salut and ZIL protest

On December, 2, in the Chistye Prudy district of Moscow, a meeting was held by workers employed by two Moscow based companies «Salut» and ZIL and tenants of a number of dormitories.

Citizens of Saint Petersburg on hunger strike to claim their rights

In Saint Petersburg, a week long hunger strike was held by 11 duped investors who lost their apartments due to fraudulent schemes of construction companies and their managers.

Programas electorales sobre vivienda: tratar un cáncer con analgésicos

La Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna cree que la mayoría de los programas electorales en materia de vivienda –en especial los de los partidos mayoritarios- son como “tratar a un enfermo de cáncer con analgésicos”. Por tanto pide a los ciudadanos que exploren otras opciones políticas y que obren y voten en consecuencia para cambiar esta amarga situación.

Budapest, Spectacular performance ended up in short-term-arrest of activists

On 11 November 2011 the group City is for All (AVM) held a demonstration in front of the municipality of Budapest’s 8th district claiming that local mayor Mate Kocsis repeal his proposal to impose a 530 euros fine on homeless people or 60 days of imprisonment for "residing in public places"

Hundreds demonstrated against the growing criminalization of homelessness in Budapest

On 17 October, The City is for All (AVM) held a major demonstration against a government proposal to impose a €500 fine or imprisonment on people who are found “residing in public places” twice over the course of 6 months. According to AVM, the proposal is unconstitutional and inhumane, since it punishes homeless people for not having appropriate housing.

UK, Mass Dale Farm walkout: "you can't take away our dignity"

Residents confront police as evictions begin (Dale Farm, UK, 19 10 2011)(Peter Macdiarmid-Getty Images ) At 4.45 pm today, October 20 2011, Dale Farm residents and supporters will jointly walk off the site to begin the next stage of the battle against eviction which has been waged across courts, barricades and protests. The decision to leave together was made in order to show the unity of the residents and supporters after two months of supporter presence at Dale Farm through Camp Constant.

Contro la camorra, per lo sviluppo dell'area nord di Napoli. Sabato 22 Ottobre 2011, dalle 20.30

L'iniziativa è promossa dalla sede dell’Unione Inquilini della Campania nel cuore dei quartieri dove il potere della criminalità organizzata è più forte. Partecipano decine di artisti, associazioni nazionali e locali, sacerdoti di frontiera, esponenti politici, tra cui il nuovo sindaco della città, e moltissime persone impegnate direttamente nel contrasto alle mafie. L'iniziativa si inserisce nel quadro delle Giornate Mondiali Sfratti Zero che si stanno svolgendo in tutto il mondo.