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Inhabitants of Europe


Istanbul, Urban Movements: We will not let Gezi Park, our labour, our life, our nature be touched!

Since the 27th of May, Istanbulites had been continuing a peaceful resistance in Gezi Park, soon to be demolished due to a renewal project. They will never allow any  disregard the demolishment of neighbourhoods by urban transformation projects.  The IAI full solidarity to the call from Urban movements!Your international support and solidarity are needed.

L’attività internazionalista dell’Unione Inquilini, convergenze e solidarietà

Nei primi mesi del 2013 l’Unione Inquilini ha partecipato attivamente all' Assemblea Mondiale degli Abitanti (Foro Sociale Mondiale Tunisi, 26-30 marzo 2013 ) e a una inizitiava di confronto europeo svolto in Germania (24-28 aprile 2013) dei movimenti impegnati su vari fronti di lotta,  su invito della Fondazione Luxemburg. Prossime tappe l'Alter Summit (Atene 7-8 giugno 2013) e le Giornate Mondiali Sfratti Zero-per il Diritto ad Abitare durante tutto ottobre.

Cooperative housing facing the financial and housing crises

Faced with the growing power of real estate speculation at international level, whose effects have been felt particularly in the USA and a good number of European countries, particularly in Southern Europe, the international meetings in Lyon, France (UCLy- 5 July 2013), propose to make a start on developing a comparison (and not an opposition) between the Latin and Anglo-Saxon models arising from social cooperation and their application in the area of affordable housing:  the "Community Land Trust" representing the Anglo-Saxon model and "Latin cooperatives" of inhabitants as the Latin model.

Hungary, The City is for All submitted a report to the Venice Commission

The City is for All  has sent a report to the Venice Commission on the criminalization of homelessness by the Hungarian constitution. The report details the ways in which the pertaining paragraph of the 4th Amendment to the Fundamental Law breaches the rights of homeless people and those without proper housing.

España, El gobierno aprueba una reforma del alquiler a espaldas del inquilino

El Congreso de los Diputados aprobó el pasado jueves la Ley de Medidas de Flexibilización y Fomento del Mercado del Alquiler de Viviendas. La Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna denuncia que esta reforma precariza aún más el mercado del alquiler y sólo busca movilizar temporalmente el stock de vivienda acumulado por las entidades financieras.

Re-thinking Trans-European Solidarity in fhe field of housing and cities

Crossing urban solidarity (Essen, 25 04 2013) On April 26-27, in Wuppertal, Germany, a meeting was held, organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, in which international activists shared their experiences of struggle and organization. On the evening of 24-25, there was meetings with activists and representatives of different networks,organizations, movements fighting for the right to housing and the city, to debate a better coordination for concrete actions of solidarity in Europe against the austerity attacks.

Moscow dormitory tenants tried to pitch a tent near Mayor’s Office

On May, 15, at five p.m. tenants of Moscow dormitories came to the inner yard of Moscow City Mayor Office to make officials resolve their housing problems.

Housing is a right. Protest and solidarity with the Spanish being evicted

Protesta ante el Congreso por el rechazo de la ILP sobre desahucios (EFE) Protest will be head today in front of the Spanish embassy in Paris, London, Edinburg, Berlin, Lisbon in solidarity against evictions and in support to the People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP), the citizens’ response to Spain’s mortgage lending fraud.Please disseminate!

Criminalization of homelessness to be included in the Hungarian constitution

Fidesz-KDNP, the ruling party coalition in Hungary, intends to include the criminalization of homelessness in the Hungarian constitution. The Parliament, where Fidesz-KDNP has supermajority, will vote on the 4th amendment to the Fundamental Law in the second week of March. This step is the culmination of the two-year-long campaign of vengeance that the government has waged against one of the most vulnerable and poorest social groups in the country: homeless people living on the street.

Justice on the Streets, participatory action research with homeless people in Budapest

We are happy to share with you the closing study of the participatory action research project launched by The City is for All in 2011 about discrimination experienced by homeless people in Budapest.