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Inhabitants of Europe


Ilyushina street house tenants met Alexander Govorunov, Saint Petersburg Vice Governor, and discussed their problems

A group of the tenants living in house 15/2 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, had a meeting with Mr. Alexander Govorunov, one of the city Vice Governors, according to the information provided by the Ilyushina house tenants group.

Catalunya: Stop the eviction of Sabadell block!

We call all people and organizations to participate in a solidarity campaign with 146  inhabitants the Sabadell block (Catalunya, Spain) under eviction threat from their homes.

Small Investors of the Ohkta Modern housing estate in Saint Petersburg to renew the hunger strike

They don’t see any solution to their problem in the official statement issued by Saint Petersburg City Government regarding this problem, one of the many the Russian ‘’small investors’’ are facing.

An Ordinary Russian Story: a Group of Small Investors on Another Hunger Strike in Saint Petersburg

This time they are threatened with eviction from the place of their protest action in the Ohkta Modern Center Estate. A group of the so called small investors who are holding a hunger strike action in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in Ohkta Modern, one of the local housing estates, are facing the threat of forced eviction from the apartments they are occupying now protesting their stalemate. This was reported on March, 25, by Denis Naumchuk, one of the protest action participants, to the IA REGNUM (ИА REGNUM ) news agency.

Italy, Cassa Depositi e Presitit Investimenti between social housing and Privatisation of public assets, with money from postal savings

The internet site explains that "CDP Investimenti (Deposits and Consignments Fund) SGR supports the social housing politics and the development of public assets”. Going one step further, the company’s family tree describes the two instruments at their disposal, one which is 70% controlled by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, S.p.A of which 80% of shares are held by the Ministry of Finance which manages (and invests) the postal savings of Italian citizens, generally about 240 billion euros. The other shareholders are the Italian Banking Association and ACRI, Association of Banking Foundations and the Savings Banks.

25 Years of MIPIMISM is Enough

Anti-MIPIM Tribunal”, Cannes, 12th March 2014 FINAL STATEMENT by the EUROPEAN ACTION COALITION FOR THE RIGHT TO HOUSING AND TO THE CITY After 25 years, for the first time real estate managers, asset dealers and city sellers have not been alone at this year’s global property party “Mipim” in Cannes. We, the “European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City”, together with protesters from the region, have also been there.

Scandal of Europe's 11m empty homes

There are more than 700,000 vacant homes in the UK, something housing campaigners say is a shocking waste. Photograph: Martin Godwin More than 11m homes lie empty across Europe – enough to house all of the continent's homeless twice over – according to figures collated by the Guardian from across the EU.

Italia, c'è un futuro per "l’autorecupero” a Roma?

Dopo l'elezione del nuovo sindaco di Roma, Ignazio Marino (Pd), nel giugno 2013, assisteremo a un revival dell'"autorecupero" a Roma? Massimo Pasquini, segretario dell'Unione Inquilini di Roma risponde a CHAIRECOOP e ci presenta la sua analisi sul futuro dell'"autorecupero" a Roma.

Bombardamento mail subito e presidio del Senato il 29/1/14

Mobilitazione straordinaria per chiedere al Parlamento di fermare la tragedia sfratti che colpisce oltre 250.000 famiglie.L'Unione Inquilini, l'Assemblea Romana Sfratti Zero e il Comitato abitare la città invitano tutti al presidio di fronte al Senato Mercoledì 29/1/14 e a firmare subito la petizione per chiedere ai parlamentari di votare gli emendamenti al decreto mille proroghe per estendere il blocco degli sfratti fino al 31/12/14  anche per morosità incolpevole.

Being homeless is not a crime!

(Vörös Anna, 2013) We invite our friends all over the world to join our struggle against the criminalisation of homelessness in Hungary.Please organise a solidarity demonstration on the 13-14-15 of February 2014,  ideally in front of the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your country.