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Friday 07 November 2014

Bogotá ¡Familia y Casa Cultural amenazados de desalojo!

Desde hace un poco más de un año, autoridades locales vienen adelantando diligencias de desalojo en contra de quienes habitamos en esta vivienda. Todo a raíz de un proceso hipotecario, del cual ya se han denunciado una serie de irregularidades, que terminó en el embargo y remate de nuestra casa. A partir de ese suceso, han sido constantes las amenazas, el acoso y los atropellos por parte de quienes compraron en remate la casa, así como por parte del Estado. Sin embargo, la amenaza de desalojo...
Friday 15 November 2013

Ocupação Joana D´Arc

A ocupação começou em novembro de 2012 e se localiza sobre os trilhos do extinto VLT (veículo leve sobre trilhos), uma área federal há anos abandonada e inutilizada.
Tuesday 06 August 2013

Accra, Ghana: Eviction Threat

The Ghana Railways Authority secured a loan from the chines government to redevelop the rail system in Ghana. As a result, the GRA threatened to evict the residents along the rails without proper procedure.
Tuesday 30 July 2013

Maasai geothermal project expansion cause of violent evictions

Narok,Kenya: Maasai vow to block geothermal project expansion Over 2,000 members of the Maasai community met on their spiritual land in Suswa,Narok County where they pledged to take over the disputed 75,000 acres Kedong Ranch.
Friday 14 June 2013


Me llamo Nancy Viviana Jara de 43 años vivo en la localidad de Dina Huapi desde el año 1989 que compramos un terreno con mis padres, hija LEGITIMA de LUIS ALBERTO JARA BUSTAMANTE en ese momento ya estaba casada con mi marido Ruben Correa de 48 años vivimos muchos años solos, mis padres vivían en Cipolletti. Como habíamos comprado el terreno a medias la edificación nuestra la hicimos en la mitad nuestra, tuvimos cuatro hijos que por consiguiente vivían conmigo todo bien hasta ese momento. Nos...
Friday 17 May 2013

Home, work from home, school, charitable activist organisations-Food Not Bombs, Vegan Society, Anarchists

Commune run on anrchist communal ethics for about 8 years, lots of activities, organisations etc...no formal contract to anyone, land-lord just collected rent.,..mnaintenanve etc done by commune dwellers, unti this year, the one commune member, anarchist teacher, left, in charge of myself and my partner, mike...two individuals who then were allowed to move in,refused our way of life, one didnt even pay rent, stole and threw out our work and other personal stuff,conspired with landlord to come...
Saturday 06 April 2013

Reigate, Umgusa, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Residents bought the houses and the land from Umguza Rural District Council (URDC). Some had stayed for over 30 years URDC plans to turn Reigate area into a residential suburb. It sold the land to some Bulawayo residents as housing stands. URDC council chairperson Sikhanyisiwe Mpofu distanced herself from the eviction.
Tuesday 02 April 2013

Expulsion suite à la loi des rétrocessions (10/2001) à Bucarest

En Roumanie, depuis 2001, les propriétaires dont les biens ont été nationalisés en 1948, ont le droit de récupérer leurs anciennes propriétés. Ces revendications se déroulent souvent au détriment des populations les plus précaires et certains profitent du flou législatif pour récupérer des biens à forte valeur ajoutée. De plus, l'administration locale (notamment à Bucarest) ne prend pas ses responsabilités pour reloger les familles victimes du changement de régime de propriété. De nombreuses...
Monday 01 October 2012

Dale Farm Travellers

The Dale Farm Travellers own the land on which they had put their caravans for the last 10 years. They paid for the water, electricity connections, as well as the street lamps and roads. They applied for planning permission but it was refused (on discretion) by Basildon Council. On 19th October 2011 Basildon Council employed riot police from across the UK and well-known violent and racist bailiffs to remove the Travellers from their own land. Up to 100 activists living with the Travellers on...
Thursday 06 September 2012

National Highways Authority of India- National Highways Widening Project

INDIA’S NATIONAL HIGHWAYS WIDENING PROJECT Bulu Imam, Hazaribagh Over the past decade and half India’s government conceived and implemented the plan to widen the country’s major highways. This included in the first phase the old Grand Trunk Road running east to west across north India through the vast plains and densely populated villages along the road. Millions of ancient fruiting and sacred indigenous trees were felled, and in the Jharkhand forested area the road plo...