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Inhabitants of Americas


Vale wins the Public Eye Awards, given to the worst company in the world

After 21 days of fierce competition, the Brazilian mining company Vale was elected, this Thursday, as the worst corporation in the world at the Public Eye Awards, known as the “Nobel” of corporate world shame. Created in 2,000, the Public Eye awards annually a winning company, chosen by popular vote following environmental, social, and labor criteria, during the World Economic Forum held in the Swiss city of Davos.

Brazil: The National Forum for Urban Reform denounces the belligerent actions unjustly defending property rights in Pinheirinho

A cowardly and inhuman act, one of the worst examples of VIOLATIONS TO THE RIGHTS OF PINHEIRINHO INHABITANTS (THE RIGHT TO THE CITY, THE RIGHT TO HOUSING, THE RIGHT TO TENURE REGULARIZATION) – at the hands of the Mayor, the State Governor, and the São Paulo State Judiciary.

Send your signatures by 2/15/12

The Federal Government of Mexico is handing over territory to a Canadian mining company that practices open pit mining, and we are fighting to prevent them from setting up in Veracruz. The UCISV-Ver requests and the IAI supports, decisively and with all of your heart that you help them obtain signatures from the citizens of your country to stop these imperialistic projects that only result in death.

The inhabitants toward the People's Summit. Proposals and struggles for living well on our planet

The International Alliance of Inhabitants, global network of urban social organizations and movements without boundaries, strongly supports the Call of the People's Summit for Social and environmental Justice and the Permanent Assembly of the Peoples, against the commoditisation of life and nature and in defense of common goods, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 15-23 June 2012,  simultaneously to the UN Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

Zero evictions for 200 tenants but repair their homes!

The Westminster Court apartments in St. Paul, Minn. have been cited with hundreds of violations and are currently in foreclosure. (MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson) The Minnesota Tenants Union is organizing with tenants in a 60 unit apartment complex foreclosed in St. Paul, Minnesota, under threat of displacement. We'd like your help. Specifically, some support messages from member groups worldwide to relevant city officials here would be a real shot in thearm for the tenants.

Haïti-Séisme-2 ans : Marche à Port-au-Prince en souvenir des disparus

Plusieurs dizaines de personnes, pour la plupart des victimes directes et indirectes du séisme de janvier 2010, ont manifesté, ce jeudi 12 janvier 2012, dans divers endroits de la capitale à Port-au-Prince, à l’appel du collectif des organisations pour la défense du droit au logement et avec la solidarité de l'Alliance Internationale des Habitants.

Redoblando la Solidaridad para que los Habitantes de Haití Puedan Vivir con Dignidad

Mobilisation Journée Mondiale Zéro Expulsions-pour le Droit à l'Habitat (Port au Prince, 3 10 2011) Las organizaciones integrantes de la Antena Dominicana de la Alianza Internacional de Habitantes, AIH, al cumplirse el segundo año del terremoto que el 12 de enero 2010 devasto parte de Puerto Príncipe y otras ciudades, reiteran su solidaridad militante con las organizaciones de habitantes y solidarias con los centenares de miles de personas que siguen viviendo en campamentos, sin servicios básicos y bajo constantes amenazas, agresiones y acoso por sectores al servicio del capital inmobiliario.

Mar del Plata, 1º Caravana por la recuperacion de la tierra y el derecho a la vivienda digna

Queremos reivindicar con alegre rebeldía y gritarles bien fuerte al oído a aquellos que no quieren escucharnos, que vamos a seguir organizándonos y luchando hasta que no haya más gente sin techo. Quedan todos y todas invitados a sumarse a esta Caravana hacia el 15 de enero…

A mining colossus against the right to housing, land and environment

Mines, roads, steel and iron industries, ports and dams at the cost of people’s life and their right to housing and territories. Vale is the second biggest Brazilian multinational, the second biggest mining company and the biggest producer of iron in the world. The vote to Vale as the world's worst multinational is supported by Rede Justiça nos Trilhos, International Network of People Affected by Vale, Amazon Watch, International Rivers and the International Alliance of Inhabitants. Let us say no to this “model of development” that plunders the open veins of Latin America!

Let’s mobilize together towards Rio+20 and beyond

Peoples and citizens are already starting to prepare for the Summit Rio+20. Find here the Initiatives and the schedule of activities of the partners in the process. Find also the Documents and Proposals, and be part of the Rio+20 Community.