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Inhabitants of Americas


Tenants take action against Sequester Cuts Devastate Silicon Valley's Most Vulnerable

The sequester -- a federal cutting of the budget due to DC gridlock -- is hitting Silicon Valley's elderly, disabled, and low-income families especially hard.Tenants and their allies will take action at 12 noon on Thursday, August 29 at San Jose City Hall.

Marcha Nacional de Reforma Urbana ocorrerá em todo o país

Moradia digna, transporte público de qualidade e cidades  justas para todos. Esses são os pilares da Marcha Nacional pela Reforma Urbana, que ocorrerá no próximo dia 28 (quarta-feira), em todo o Brasil. O ato organizado pelo FNRU (Fórum Nacional de Reforma Urbana) ocorrerá nas cidades de Belém (PA), Manaus (AM), Recife (PE), Porto Alegre (RS), Curitiba (PR) e São Paulo (SP).

Haiti, Invité au Parquet sous l’accusation d’incendiaire, Patrice Florvilus dénonce une manœuvre d’intimidation

Les intervenants lors de la conference de presse (Photo:Geralda Sainville) Le Directeur Exécutif de l’organisme Défenseurs des Opprimés (DOP), Me Patrice Florvilus, accusé par Me Reynold Georges, d’incendiaire et d’association de malfaiteurs, est invité le lundi 19 aout 2013 au Parquet de Port-au-Prince. Me Florvilus qualifie cet acte d’intimidation et d’entrave à l’exercice de sa profession en faveur des déplacées/es internes.

For the Right to Housing: Dilma, veto the PLC 200/2012!

To: Exma. Presidenta da República gabinetepessoal@presidencia.gov.br   CC: Central dos Movimentos Populares  <centraldemovimentospopulares.sp@gmail.com> Confederação Nacional de Associação dos Moradores <conambrasil@hotmail.com> Movimento Nacional de Luta por Moradia <mnlm@terra.com.br> União Nacional por Moradia Popular <unmp@uol.com.br> Fórum Nacional de Reforma Urbana <secretaria.fnru@gmail.com> International Alliance of Inhabitants <info@habitants.org>

Piquiá de Baixo: outraged and in solidarity for not dying by steelworks!

"Your time is up, Açailândia Mayor!" This was the message that more than a thousand inhabitants of the Piquiá de Baixo neighborhood conveyed through two protests which took place on July 18th. The residents, indeed, do not want to die from pollution, and are hoping that politicians follow through with their responsibilities (to better understand the situation you could click here) .

A AIH e CONAM apoiam Greve Geral e Mobilizações Pelo Brasil

A manhã deste dia 11 esta sendo marcado pelas fortes mobilizações e interrupção do transporte coletivo nas cidades, bloqueio em estradas e de tarde estão programados atos e mobilizações defendendo bandeiras democráticas, democratização dos meios de comunicação, direitos dos trabalhadores, reforma política e outras reformas democráticas como a reforma urbana e agrária, contra os despejos proveniente dos Megas Projeto e Megas Eventos.

Brasil, conflicto entre los habitantes de Piquiá de Baixo y la Alcaldesa de Açailândia

Conflicto entre los habitantes del barrio Piquiá de Baixo y la Alcaldesa de la ciudad brasileña de Açailândia, Gleide Santos. Los residentes quieren que la alcaldía de Açailândia done tierra para la construcción de viviendas.En los últimos días, de hecho, los ciudadanos han decidido hacer públicas sus propios pedidos por medio de dos acciones muy visibles.

Piquiá de Baixo, Brazil: 1,100 people’ life at risk

About 380 families (1,100 people) live for about 40 years in Piquiá de Baixo, Açailândia, Maranhão State, Amazon Region, Brazil.  Since the arrival of the iron and steel industry in 1987, they have been affected by five pig-iron plants [1] , a railroad and other Vale’s industrial facilities [2]  operating continuously and very close to their homes.

Haiti: Solidarity against death threats to human rights lawyer Patrice Florvilus

Camp leader Elie Joseph Jean-Louis holds up a photograph of the body of Merius Civil after he was beaten by police during a protest in the Delmas district of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Civil was arrested by police early April 15 stormed the camp as residents were protesting a raid by motorcyclist who set fire to their homes. The band of motorcyclists came to Camp Acra hours after attorney Reynold Georges arrived with a judge and a police officer and told the some 30,000 people who had lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake that they were squatting on his land and had to leave, witnesses said. If they didn't vacate, he said he'd have the place burned down and leveled by bulldozers. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery, 30/04/13) A human rights lawyer in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who is executive director of the NGO Defenders of the Oppressed (Défenseurs des Opprimés – DOP), an IAI member, has been threatened and intimidated since 15 April, when two men were arrested and beaten for participating in a demonstration against evictions. One died in custody. The lawyer is now representing the cases of both men.A call for international solidarity!

Guatemala, Pueblos en resistencia al modelo extractivo minero

Desde el lugar donde nace el Río San Juan, de las entrañas de la Sierra de los Cuchumatanes en Aguacatán , Huehuetenango, Guatemala se llevó a cabo el segundo encuentro del Movimiento Mesoamericano contra el Modelos Extractivo Minero del 11 al 14 de abril.