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Petition: Say 'No' to evictions without housing!

To the Government of Cameroon:

We, the signatories of this petition emphatically demand:

1. An immediate stop to all demolitions and evictions throughout the national territory without guarantee of rehousing to all those concerned. In its preamble, the Constitution of the Republic of Cameroon stipulates: “Ownership shall mean the right guaranteed to every person by law to use, enjoy and dispose of property. No person shall be deprived thereof, save for public purposes and subject to the payment of compensation under conditions determined by law”;

2. That international commitments made by the government of the Republic of  Cameroon be respected. Cameroon is a signatory to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, ratified on June 27, 1984 and in which, under Article 11, sub-paragraph 1, it is stipulated: “The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions...”;

3. The effective enforcement of national housing policies. Legal protection against evictions is a measure incorporated into the national housing policies, most of the articles of which are currently in effect. However, the principal measures outlined therein are not always respected when demolitions are undertaken;

4. The creation of measures aimed at lowering social housing prices for households that are victims of evictions;

In Cameroon, prices of formal housing built under government programs are quite high, making them inaccessible to low-income households. A number of solutions can be undertaken to facilitate the integration of evicted parties into these programs, such as:

  • The integration of a selection criteria that is favourable to them;
  • Tax reductions on real estate transactions relating to social housing programs;
  • The reduction of personal contribution requirements for victims of eviction;
  • The establishment of monthly and long-term payment schemes to ease the financial burden on them.

5. Providing alternative solutions which will guarantee the right to housing.

Key players in social housing are currently working out alternative solutions to the social housing crisis by:

  • Promoting social habitat mutuals and cooperatives;
  • Establishing revolving funds to finance social housing;
  • Establishing production units for local contruction materials to be used in social housing;
  • Establishing central purchasing offices for construction materials.

Promotions Committee:

  • Bertrand Serge Guensu, Esson Dominique, Fabien Mbassi Mbassi (RNHC)
  • Jules Dumas Nguebou, Guy Tatchou, Simon Sama, Achille Noupéou, Bertrand Talla Takam (ASSOAL)
  • Pascal Kamtcheng, Yvone Ngo Lima (Plateforme des Mutelle et Coopérative d'Habitat du Cameroun /MUCOPHACAM)
  • Achille Daimai (Plate forme DESC)
  • Romuald Yepmo (AJEN)

Signatories (427)

  • Sam L Jackson Action Jackson, Mayday New Orleans - United States
  • Peter Muzambwe, Amandla Centre of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe
  • TRAORE Seydou Seydou, Association Solidarité Pour le Droit au Logement (ASPDROL) - Burkina Faso
  • ZOUNGRANA Mohamed, Association pour le Bien-être des HAbitants de Balkouy (A.B.HA.B) Burkina faso - Burkina Faso
  • Tsassé Fopa, Association des jeunes Volontaires de Ngaoundéré (AJVN) - Cameroon
  • Lookman Oshodi, Urban Spaces Innovation - Nigeria
  • YOMBO ABOUEM Désiré, IFMA - Cameroon
  • KAMTCHUENG Pascal, Plate forme des promoteurs de mutuelles et coopératives d'habitat du Cameroun - Cameroon
  • Tchoy à Nwatchock Ines Charlotte, Association des Amis de la Paix - Cameroon
  • NOUWE Armand, Un Monde Avenir - Cameroon
  • Eric Ngang Ndeh Mboumien, North West Association of Development Organisations (NWADO) - Cameroon
  • Francis Makanda Sakwa Sakwa, Unga Revolution - Kenya
  • Marie Huchzermeyer, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg - South Africa
  • Jane Quin, - South Africa
  • Pinard Francois, VSO - Canada
  • Mike Davies, Internatinal Alliance of Inhabitants - Zimbabwe
  • Fulvio FIORENTINI, - Italy
  • Muhammad Tanko Danburam, Rural Integrated Development Initiative - Nigeria
  • Emily Harting, Center for Constitutional Rights - United States
  • Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee Al-Beeroonee, Shelter for the poor - Bangladesh
  • NGANKEU Pierre, GAID(groupe d'appui aux initiatives de développement) - Cameroon
  • Yepmo Romuald, AJEM - Cameroon
  • mbassi mbassi fabien, MSORAD/RNHC - Cameroon
  • Kwendawouo Elise Florence, RNHC - Cameroon
  • Essono Dominik Serge, RNHC - Cameroon
  • Guensu Serge Bertrand, RNHC - Cameroon