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The International Alliance of Inhabitants is a global network of grassroots organisations and locally based social movements, committed to defend the right to housing and to the city without frontiers.

It's vital that this network's activities and the IAI's campaigns remain independent of all governments and companies . Voluntary work and contributions from our supporters allow us to maintain our independence, and the effectiveness of our initiatives for the housing right.


Info: donate.iai@habitants.org

Your donations allow the IAI to maintain its independence, to plan campaigns, to guarantee support to groups and initiatives for the housing right. Your contribution reinforces our capacity for actions to obtain concrete results in specific cases, and to affect policies.

The IAI supports struggles for the housing right in a livable urban or rural environment, and is opposed to policies and speculation which attack and evict the weakest people from their homes and lands. We support collaboration and exchange of information between groups and associations that resist evictions, and promote democratic, sustainable urban and land policies.  The IAI actively contributes to processes for collective mobilisation and meeting, such as the World Social Forum, the Urban Social Forum and the World Assembly of Inhabitants.

You can choose when to make a donation – even with a small contribution, you can help strengthen the autonomy of our actions and give concrete expression to global solidarity with those fighting locally for the right to housing and the city without borders.