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Inhabitants of Europe


Trois T de lutte à la Troisième Rencontre mondiale des mouvements sociaux avec le Pape François

Environ 200 représentants des mouvements sociaux et des réseaux de 67 pays à travers le monde y étaient présents pour présenter l’ expérience de son organisation de base et la lutte constante pour le bien-être des communautés et la défense de leurs droits.Présentées au Pape François devant plus de 3.300 personnes les propositions AIH qui touchent aussi aux responsabilités  de l’Eglise catholique dans le secteur immobilier.

European Cities Called on to Sign the Homeless Bill of Rights

The Homeless Bill of Rights  is an initiative of Housing Rights Watch  and FEANTSA  to recognize and protect the rights of homeless people. In a climate where cities, regions and even some countries are using the criminal and administrative justice systems to minimise the visibility of people experiencing homelessness and punish those who engage in life-sustaining or natural human activities in public spaces, we are calling on European cities to adopt a rights-based approach to homelessness.

France, Encadrement des loyers : il y péril en la demeure des locataires

COMMUNIQUE Paris le 28 novembre 2017 Censure de l’encadrement des loyers à Paris : Une nouvelle régression pour les locataires Généralisation et respect de l’encadrement des loyers ! Baisse des loyers !

Release of Second Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe

FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre released the Second Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe  in a seminar at the European Parliament 22 March 2017. The Overview  is the culmination of detailed analysis of EU SILC data, from which has been drawn a range of indicators of housing exclusion.

Italia, 10 ottobre sfratti zero

10 ottobre 2017 e dintorni VI Giornata Nazionale Sfratti ZeroIniziative aggiornate al 28 settembre 2017 ore 16.00

Appeal towards the European Days of movements for the defence of territories, environmental justice and democracy (Venice, 23-24 september 2017)

For more than a thousand years Venice has been the city symbol of the balance between Man and Nature; its magic comes from and lives in the extraordinary co-penetration of art and nature, stone and water, city and Lagoon. This fragile equilibrium is seriously threatened by the industry of mass tourism, of which the mega cruise ships are one of the worst aspects: over-sized polluting ships, dangerous for the safety of the city which is Unesco heritage. They are floating symbols of the arrogance of multi-national companies and of the corruption of a political class enslaved in the defense of private profit to the detriment of the common good.

Rassemblement et semaine d’action contre la loi anti-squa

Il ne manquait plus que ça. On apprend que la bande à Michel s’apprête à faire voter en septembre une loi, d’ores et déjà approuvée en première lecture, selon laquelle les squatteurs-squatteuses seront désormais passibles de prison ferme.Ainsi donc, après les expulsions massives du chômage, couplées à de nouveaux contrats d’emploi toujours plus précaires, après les coupes dans les aides aux associations de quartiers et dans les subventions aux soins de santé, après la répression de plus en plus violente de la contestation sociale , après l’intensification de la chasse aux personnes sans papiers, le gouvernement, de mèche avec les parasites privilégiés (spéculateurs immobiliers, big boss, lobbies), parachève en beauté sa criminalisation de la précarité en s’attaquant cyniquement à ceux qui occupent des bâtiments à l’abandon.


Foto Eleonora Camilli 24 agosto 2017 Un nuovo sgombero a piazza Indipendenza nella mattinata ha travolto gli accampati tra le aiuole nel silenzio complice della politica. Una strategia che a Roma abbiamo già visto, si cerca di polverizzare la resistenza con la violenza allontanando le persone per poter poi cacciare il problema sotto un tappeto. Strategia rafforzata poi da un'amministrazione romana incapace di una progettualità ancora alle prese con le nomine.

Solidarity of the inhabitants of the world against the terrorist attacks against Barcelona

The International Alliance of Inhabitants expresses the deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the cowardly attack carried out on 17/08/17 in Barcelona by terrorists who have no religion except that of chaos, fear and death.This latest attack is even more odious than the previous ones since the victims are from 34 countries and all religions, and it took place in Barcelona, ​​a city that is an example for all mankind because it is founded and governed on peace, openness and solidarity.

All over Russia, meetings of cheated investors were held on July, 25th

The investors believe that their problems are not likely to be resolved by the new law on a compensatory fund July, 25th , 2017, turned to be the day of all Russian protest actions staged by cheated (‘’hoodwinked’’) co-investors. Pickets, marches and protests sanctioned and unsanctioned by the authorities were reported to have been planned initially in 13 major Russian cities.But in fact, the number of Russian regions hit by the protest became much greater.