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The People’s Committee for Our Territories calls society for the construction of a Social Forum in resistance to Habitat III, continuing the legacy of other Social Forums held before UN Habitat mega-events, such as the People’s Alternative Urban Social Forum in Medellin (April 2014), the Urban Social Forum in Naples (September 2012) and the World Assemblies of Inhabitants in Tunisia (2013 and 2015). All interested organizations are invited to take part in this process.

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The world's inhabitants present a Charter of Responsibilities as a contribution to the construction of the Urban and Community Way.

Los habitantes del mundo a Quitoy más allá, luchando juntos para vivir bien en nuestro planeta

(Foto de Walker Vizcarra)

This time we have no illusions and we are prepared. The New Urban Agenda of Habitat III will be based on the principles of developmentalist neoliberalism at the expense of commons, of nature, of rights. Therefore the International Alliance of Inhabitants will not participate in Habitat III, we have chosen the People's Social Forum Resistance to Habitat III to build the New Inhabitants Agenda, strengthening the convergence of struggles towards the Urban and Community Way to live well on our planet.