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The RTCNYC Coalition, JustFix.nyc and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project are excited to announce the launch of a new website, www.worstevictorsnyc.org , which names the worst evictors in the neighborhoods where Right to Counsel is in effect, maps NYC evictions in 2018, and connects tenants to their rights, including their Right to Counsel. »

Dear comrades,The Municipalities of Alto Lucero and Actopan in Veracruz, Mexico we congregate in Community Assembly this April 16, 2019 at 10 am, in a cultural political event to express our repudiation of the dispossession policy that intend to implement the Caballo Blanco mining projects and Copper Candelaria Mining and Almaden Minerals. »

Vogliamo davvero un’altra Europa, quella del diritto alla casa. Invito ai candidati alle Elezioni Europee del 26 maggio  a leggere questo impegno e ad aderire. Nessuna preclusione, ma chi aderisce deve impegnarsi sul serio a fare quanto richiesto. Invito agli elettori a valutare chi ha aderito. »

This European Citizens' Initiative have the opportunity to convince the EU to change its thinking by 5 demands so that affordable and social housing can be made possible in Europe.Ask the candidates to the European Parliament to support Housing for all ECI! Support “Housing for All” by signing the petition under www.housingforall.eu »

The Baiga and the Gond have been banned from the Tiger Reserve of Kanha, India, which has been their home for countless generations. © Survival The Supreme Court of India recently ruled instructing State Governments to evict by July 2019 millions forest dwellers, mainly adivasis/tribals, who have no other home but their forests. The ‘Forum for Justice and Peace’ – a vast network of individuals all over the country – urge the President of Indi... »

Dear Varghese Theckanath,dear friends ofMontfort Social InstituteHyderabad, India »


During March 2019, at least 43 structures, a road and a school were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 77 people- including 34 children- and affecting a further 5,072 people (according to OCHA OPT). »

During February 2019, at least 33 structures, a road and two major water networks were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 75 people- including 33 children- and affecting a further 19,830 people (according to OCHA oPT). »

Sabine Réthoré, Dessins. Cartographie contemporaine (http://www.sabine-rethore.net) We would like to welcome you all to Marseille, France,  from 21 to 23 June 2019! We are the more than 500 million people that inhabit the 22 countries bordering our sea, the Mediterranean. In this communal area that we share, we could create a good atmosphere of living together in peace; we could move around freely, respecting the environment and the huma... »

Un appel pour des Etats Généraux de Marseille a été diffusé lors de la commémoration des effondrements des deux immeuble en rue d’Aubagne , où huit personnes sont mortes au mois de novembre 2018. »

Los impulsores de la ILP, en rueda de prensa. MARC FONT La ley más ambiciosa que ha existido nunca en Catalunya para luchar contra la pobreza energética y la emergencia habitacional vuelve a estar plenamente vigente. La razón es que el Tribunal Constitucional (TC) ha archivado definitivamente el recurso  contra la normativa que presentó el Gobierno español durante la presidencia de Mariano Rajoy. »

Mediante el Decreto de Defensa de la Vivienda del Parque Público Residencial, la comunidad autónoma veta expresamente la venta de una vivienda propiedad de cualquier administración pública a personas jurídicas. »

Civil societies have prepared a charter of demands in which urban livelihood issues like housing, jobs, migration, sanitation, safe drinking water, mobility and sustainability is one of the demands. »

On the occasion of March 20 andits symbolic illustration of the gains of the state of independence which had stake in the future generations,And in view of our commitment to the Tunisian people’s right to lay the foundations for the modern, democratic and civil state we have fought and are still fightingto establish as a safeguard of freedom, dignity, justice, and equality, »

The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to housing, and the Chairperson of the Working Group on business and human rights, have written to one of the world’s largest investors in residential real estate, the Blackstone Group L.P ., expressing serious concerns that its actions are inconsistent with international human rights law.Here the incredible Blackstone's reply We encourage actvists to use the documents in their outreach. Hence the challenge is on! »

1. A CITY that adopts all necessary measures - regulations, urban planning, economic and social-  to combat all forms of discrimination  against women and girls; takes all necessary measures to ensure their full development; guarantees their equality in the exercise and realization of their rights, especially those of women living in poverty, Afro-descendants, indigenous, displaced, migrants, mestizo, LGBTQIA, and women and girls with disabilitie... »