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The March, promoted by Ukamau, reopens the season of struggles for the conquest of the Right to Housing and the City and invites to send video messages. The IAI supports this mobilization and announces the session in Chile of the International Tribunal on Evictions on climate change parallel to COP 25 (December 2019) »

Jornada de R-Existencia contra el despojo y en defensa del territorio #VIDA o MINA 9 de marzo del 2019 - De 10 a 15 hrs  (En Los Baños, Actopan)  Como parte del esfuerzo realizado en el Encuentro de Mujeres en Defensa del Territorio en 2018 con comunidades y organizaciones de la región de Actopan, Alto Lucero y otros municipios de Veracruz. Tenemos el gusto de invitarles a participar en este Segundo Encuentro, para fortalecer nuestro papel dentr... »

Colectivos por el derechos a la vivienda presentan la Guía “Defendiendo el hogar”, un documento fruto de más de 50 desahucios paralizados en 2018 gracias a la intervención del Comité DESC de las Naciones Unidas, cuyos tratados fueron ratificados por España y entraron en vigor en 2013. »

Venice, Italy, 09/11/18 A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Giovanni Andrea Martini, President of Venice municipality, and Kim Tae-suk, President of Jeju province (South Korea), in order to cooperate in the struggle against the touristification. »

The Baiga and the Gond have been banned from the Tiger Reserve of Kanha, India, which has been their home for countless generations. © Survival The Supreme Court of India recently ruled instructing State Governments to evict by July 2019 millions forest dwellers, mainly adivasis/tribals, who have no other home but their forests. The ‘Forum for Justice and Peace’ – a vast network of individuals all over the country – urge the President of Indi... »

Dear Varghese Theckanath,dear friends ofMontfort Social InstituteHyderabad, India »


During January 2019, at least 39 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 44 people- including 18 children- and affecting a further 181 people, including 107 children (according to OCHA oPT). »

In the month of December 2018, at least 38 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 56 people- including 23 children- and affecting a further 267 people, including 152 children (according to OCHA oPT). In the south of Israel, in the Naqab desert, a newly wed couple had to self-demolish their home in the unrecognised Bedouin village Wadi al-Na’am, and in the North of... »

Abstract Slum upgrading is a policy that has been championed all throughout the global south with little hinderance. Much of the “success” behind slum upgrading is that it has been carried out in participatory manners. Contrary to what many institutions believe, academia has shown how participatory politics often serves to close debate and reduce accountability surrounding the implementation of large scale infrastructure projects. In the case of Nairobi, m... »

Nel contesto della Giornata Internazionali dei Migranti, la Rete Marocchina Per l’Alloggio Dignitoso (Réseau Marocain Pour le Logement Décent-RMLD), membro attivo dell’Alleanza Internazionale degli Abitanti (IAI) e membro fondatore della Coalizione Marocchina de la Giustizia Climatica, organizza “Migranti e diritto alla casa”, sabato 22 dicembre 2018 nella sede dell’ Associazione degli affari social di donne e uomini e degli insegnanti a Rabat. »

Los impulsores de la ILP, en rueda de prensa. MARC FONT La ley más ambiciosa que ha existido nunca en Catalunya para luchar contra la pobreza energética y la emergencia habitacional vuelve a estar plenamente vigente. La razón es que el Tribunal Constitucional (TC) ha archivado definitivamente el recurso  contra la normativa que presentó el Gobierno español durante la presidencia de Mariano Rajoy. »

Mediante el Decreto de Defensa de la Vivienda del Parque Público Residencial, la comunidad autónoma veta expresamente la venta de una vivienda propiedad de cualquier administración pública a personas jurídicas. »

On the occasion of March 20 andits symbolic illustration of the gains of the state of independence which had stake in the future generations,And in view of our commitment to the Tunisian people’s right to lay the foundations for the modern, democratic and civil state we have fought and are still fightingto establish as a safeguard of freedom, dignity, justice, and equality, »

GENEVA (13 March 2019) – Italy must act urgently to protect hundreds of migrant workers evicted from an informal settlement in Calabria, say UN human rights experts*. The informal settlement in San Ferdinando, which housed about 2,000 people, was cleared by the authorities between 6 and 8 March. »

1. A CITY that adopts all necessary measures - regulations, urban planning, economic and social-  to combat all forms of discrimination  against women and girls; takes all necessary measures to ensure their full development; guarantees their equality in the exercise and realization of their rights, especially those of women living in poverty, Afro-descendants, indigenous, displaced, migrants, mestizo, LGBTQIA, and women and girls with disabilitie... »

People living in informal settlements, that is more than 850 million people worldwide and one quarter of the global urban population, are disproportionally affected, but their needs are underrepresented in national and local climate policies, also within the international climate community. We have attended the Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland , to further the widely ignored discussions about the nexus between the right to housing and... »