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IAI is searching for volunteer translators

Help us improving communication in several languages: Become a Volunteer Translator for Housing Right with No Borders!  We would like to allow the very actors to speak, carrying out an indispensable task so as to strengthen a global network, which wants to build another possible world starting from the urban problems.Our financial resources are limited, but we know we can rely on a network of solidary people, who may help us voluntarily and freely. Subscribe yourself!

International Tribunal on Evictions - Venice, 28-30 September 2017 - IAI is searching for volunteer interpreters

The International Alliance of Inhabitants is organizing the 6th  Session of the International Tribunal on Evictions  in Venice from 28th  till 30th  of September 2017.

We are looking for volunteer English-speaking translators

2011 is the year of the World Assembly of Inhabitants (World Social Forum, Dakar, 6-11 February 2011), a proposal supported by over 600 from 42 countries of all the continents, including the major international networks for the right to housing. This is a participative process developed through meetings which have taken place in many countries on all continents, and count on www.habitants.org  as the main multilingual networking tool.

Towards the WAI: searching for volunteer translators!

>>> before 10/10/10! The WAI Promotion Committees will meet during the International Days for Housing Right to Housing (Bobigny, France, 13-16 October 2010). Because this is a bottom-up and self-managed process, we would like to present in Bobigny, an even more strengthened and rooted "International Network of Volunteer Translators for Housing Right With No Borders."

Thank you in solidarity to volunteer translators

Volunteer translators until December 2010