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Call for Zero Evictions in Guatemala (English subtitles)

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Urgent Video call for international solidarity with Margarita Valenzuela, leader of the National Coordinating Association for Marginalized Areas in Guatemala (ACONAMAPG, IAI Member) to protest against the violent evictions in February and March 2017 which have affected 1.550 people, all families living in poverty mostly working in the informal and recycling sectors, in the El Mirador Bárcenas Villa Nueva, Brisas del Mirador and San Cristóbal zona 8 de Mixco communities. At the same time authorities continue to threaten the communities in Anexo Sur II, de Villalobos II, and Villa Nueva. The protest is also against the government which has arrested human rights defenders attempting to resist the evictions. Specifically the local and national police detained Margarita Valenzuela and two other civilians, freed thanks to the popular mobilization.

This is a strong invitation to send a message to the Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales e-mail <libresaccesopresident@sgp.gob.gt>, sending this letter directly to the Guatemalan Embassies via this link: https://goo.gl/FJZV40 - Directory of Embassies of Guatemala worldwide.
  • Author(s) of the work: Margarita Valenzuela
  • Published: Thursday 16 March 2017
  • Principal themes: Right to housing
  • The country or countries of provenance: Guatemala
  • Key words, tags: Guatemala, Llamado, Desalojos
  • Social action methodology used by the protagonists: -