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Inhabitants of Africas


South Africa, Oppose the 'Slums Act'

No Land, No House, No Vote, South Africa 25 and 26 February 2009The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government has passed legislation [1] affecting the lives and rights of shack dwellers. The shack-dweller movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, has challenged this law and will take their case to the Constitutional Court. But after a provincial judge ruled against the movement's first challenge, an article by the head of media services for the Department of Housing (published in the Witness newspaper on 24th February 2009) said:

Mozambico: the season of future

reportage by Francesco Fantini This book is a collection of notes taken during a journey to Mozambique that I made with Gil, a former homeless boy who, like many others, managed to take his place in society again thanks to the help of international solidarity that welcomed him and allowed him to study.

Liberia: ‘We Will Use Our Children as Shields’

HARBEL, Liberia, Dec 9 (IPS) - "We are not just going to let a bulldozer come in and demolish our land. If possible we will use our children as shields. We will have to do that," exclaims Eric Lavella, a middle-aged Firestone factory worker living in the heart of Liberia’s largest rubber plantation, 60 kilometres south of the capital Monrovia. By Rebecca Murray

Slum houses one of 'most lucrative' ventures in city

By GATONYE GATHURA, December 22 2008, Daily Nation Landlord can recover cost of building after 10 months, says new report by UN-Habitat.

L'Afrique se rend chez Obama

Cairo, people remain under the wreck

On Saturday (6/9/2008), a lump of rock collapsed on a number of houses of the poor people in Al-Doweqa area related to Mansheyet Nasser Section (West of Cairo). Until now the result of the disaster is 20 dead and 35 injured people; however, moreover 500 people still under wreck.

Forced evictions reach crisis levels

Research conducted by Amnesty International and the Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) reveals that the practice of forced evictions has reached epidemic proportions in Africa.

Evicted in Africa

The Beautification of African cities: the poor as trash. The great African cities are becoming more and more elegant, but it’s the poor who foot the bill.

Egypt: Analysis of the Presidential Candidates' Programs 2005 from a Housing Rights Perspective

The Egyptian Center for Housing Rights – ECHR presents this assessment of the electoral programs and promises from a housing rights perspective.