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ESG: Right for Housing for Orphanages

Name of action:
Right for Housing for Orphanages
Name of the organization:
Somalischen Treffpunkt, Gemeinschaftliches Kulturzentrum
Your full name:
Abdi Omar Funsi
Your country of residence:
Your mother tongue:
Possible working languages:
Your role in the organization:
Type of organization:
Purpose of organization (please specify):
Re-Union of the Families in Europe and Somalia
Create Jobs for the Refugees in Germany
Housing for the Refugees Families in Germany
People understand the discrimination against women in Somalia
Curriculum development on invironment for School Childrens in Somalia
Language School Programmes for the Refugees n Germany
Size of organization (number of members, area of influence, …):
the Organization stablished July 2007
The Board of Meeting members is 7 Persons, and we have also other members from Refugees
Your contact details:
of the organization
+49 851 211 8458
Kind of action:
With other organizations , putting forward legislative or statutory demands
Populations affected:
persons seeking housing , homeless , migrants
Action’s geographic scope:
National , Local
Number of people affected:
Brief description (background, stakes, players, objectives, lessons):