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ESG: Thames Valley Gypsy Association (TVGA)

Name of action:
Thames Valley Gypsy Association (TVGA)
Name of the organization:
Thames Valley Gypsy Association (TVGA) – Southern England Romany Gypsy & Irish Traveller Network
Your full name:
Joseph G. Jones
Your country of residence:
United Kingdom
Your mother tongue:
Possible working languages:
Your role in the organization:
TVGA - Chairman
Type of organization:
Purpose of organization (please specify):
* Help with homelessness. * Support with Planning Applications. * Give the community a voice. * Promote better educational outcomes. * Challenge racism and discrimination. * Promote good health and health education. * Support Gypsy's & Travellers in Prison. * Improve the image of the Community. * Preserve human rights. * Promote Community cohesion.
Size of organization (number of members, area of influence, …):
Membership numbers not available at this point. Area of influence - Southern England
Your contact details:
of the organization
07756 917937
E-mail address:
Kind of action:
With institutions , With other organizations , With inhabitants , resistance and direct action , finding housing solutions , putting forward legislative or statutory demands , advice and assistance
Populations affected:
owners , persons seeking housing , squatters , homeless , migrants , travellers , other
Action’s geographic scope:
National , Local
Number of people affected:
Brief description (background, stakes, players, objectives, lessons):
See attached document
Please attach documentation describing your organization and its initiatives (reports, articles, photos, videos…): first file (max 10MB):