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REPENSAR BONPASTOR: And the winners are...

Finally we have the winner names of the competition!
After almost four days of meticulous deliberation. The jury have carefully examined, analyzed, debated and assessed the proposals, and now we finally know which ones they have selected as the best ideas of the competition!

The Jury has proclaimed four winner proposals, and one special award. And here they are:


Ante la división, la participación (2 pdf)
team 17: barnAmb = naomi ferguson + afroditi karagiorgi (barcelona)

panel 1panel 2

Bonpastor, barrio de código abierto (2 pdf)
team 26: surcos urbanos = marian simón + nerea morán + cristina fernández + gorka ascasíbar + gnim vilar (den haag, madrid, sheffield)

panel 1panel 2

Refinning Bonpastor (3 pdf)
team 37: refining bon pastor = karin fernanda schwambach + susan eipper + fernando campo medina (weimar)

panel 1 panel 2panel 3

With-in walls (3 pdf)
team 44: BonThinkers = barbara dovarch + stefano grigoletto + sara incerti + gynna millan + marta pietroboni + luca serra + pietro pusceddu (nuoro, rovereto, milano, libano (colombia), cagliari)

panel 1panel 2panel 3

Ciudad (de)generada (2 pdf)
equip/equipo/team 16: en Pep té els contenidors a l’abast de la mà y del peu = sergio azpiroz martín + alain gonzález montejo + mireia cortina grau + pedro garcía figuera (huesca, vitoria, barcelona, monzón)

panel 1panel 2

Look all proposal at the wiki

The reason why we have been delayed for the results announcement – planned to be public on the 15th- is because we have received numerous offers, and therefore the time for jury deliberation was much more than we could have imagined on the beginning; we are sincerely sorry for this delay.
We are very happy for the great and enthusiastic answer of this initiative and we are grateful to all of you for having taken part and contributed in the project “Repensar Bonpastor”.

Congratulation to all the contestants and to the winner teams!

Within the next days we’ll be publishing more information in the blog “Repensar Bonpastor” about the competition results, proposals and the forthcoming process: presentation events, awards of the winner teams, assessment text from the jury, etc.
So we ask you to remain linked with “Repensar bonpastor” blog.

Thank you very much,
Repensar Bonpastor Team