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Save Dale Farm Gypsy and Traveller community Bulletin - Zero Evictions

The Dale Farm Housing Association (DFHA) presents the 1st edition 2010 of the bulletin 'SAVE DALE FARM', which was designed and edited with the assistance of the Essex Human Rights Clinic.
The bulletin informs about the historical context of the Gypsy and Traveller communities of Dale Farm, UK, and the planned eviction that threatens their life and culture.

The bulletin outlines the national and international legal contexts and presents steps taken by DFHA to prevent a forced eviction. It envisages to raise awareness and establish a network of monitoring organisations, and asks for active support.

The DFHA is a community organisation, linked to the Gypsy Council and the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Strasbourg, and has a partnership agreement with the Advocacy Project, Washington DC. It works to secure permanent homes for families at Dale Farm either through permits for present properties or planning permission at alternate locations.

The Essex Human Rights Clinic is a programme of the Law School and the Human Rights Centre of the University of Essex which provides practical legal experience to human rights students and assistance to communities through their or related organisations in pursuing and realising human rights.

Please feel free to distribute this bulletin widely or upload it to the web page of your organisation.

Dale Farm Housing Association




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