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Popular's Guide for Zero Evictions, in defence of territory

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Popular's Guide for Zero Evictions, in defence of territory

The Popular's Guide for Zero Evictions, in defence of territory, was developed on the basis of the practical experience of the IAI members and of other organisations and networks, describing the political organising needed to prevent mass evictions, and the many measures available for defending communities and people.

We developed it for neighbourhood, regional and/or national leaders who would like to put their struggles into context, as a local action strategy, and who successfully establish political relationships at local, national and international level, with diverse actors, and can therefore contribute to the prevention of mass-scale evictions throughout the world.

The Guide has 5 sections, through which we analyse the global context leading to evictions, provide a typology of evictions, and tabulate the strategies used in IAI's Zero Evictions campaign.

The clear thread running through this is to support the initiation, the development and strengthening of political leadership in areas threatened by forced evictions, to contribute to building and strengthening community-based social movements, in cities, towns and villages.

Finally, it describes 7 experiences from which lessons can be learned in order to record and analyse strategies to defend the right to housing and land. IAI would like the Guide, along with the Zero Evictions Campaign, to be used as shared tool that consolidates the strategy and political impact of the Urban and Community Way.

>>> Soon the English version

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