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Katrina one year later: civil movements demand right of return

Solidarity and IAI support

The International Alliance of Inhabitants expresses its full solidarity to these movements since it considers sacrosanct and inalienable the rights of the residents to have their say in the reconstruction and to return as soon as possible to the places they were forced to abandon.

We support the initiatives on the occasion of the World Zero Eviction Days next October, to denounce the terrible effects of Katrina caused mainly by human intervention — a few in particular that reside at the White House and its vicinity. Subsequently, in the Fall of 2006 a delegation of Katrina evacuees will travel to Geneva with the PPEHRC to hear a UN Special report on human rights violations and poverty in the USA, a true first for this state. Following this the PPEHRC will conduct human rights violations monitoring until December 2006 in order to collect information in anticipation of the initiatives scheduled for the International Human Rights Day on December 10. Finally, in March 2007, the development of the International Tribune on Katrina , organized by the Black Activist Coalition on Katrina and the People’s Hurricane Relief and Oversight Coalition, preceded by a special international inquiry commission composed of delegates from South Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and Venezuela among other countries. Cesare Ottolini , Coordinator International Alliance of Inhabitants, 29 august 2006


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