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IV APC (La Habana, 2008)

Saludos y propuestas de la Alianza Internacional de Habitantes (La Habana, 28 de junio - 6 de julio de 2008)

Al CDV de México Primer Aniversario (2008)

Felicidades y propuestas de la AIH

Soutien manifestation (Bordeaux, 2 février 2008)

Solidarité avec la lutte de Urgence Logement Agissons!

Quito Declaration

1st Social Forum of the Americas (Quito, 25-30 of July 2004) The International Alliance of Inhabitants acknowledges the accomplishments of the 1st Social Forum of the Americas (Quito, 25-30 of July 2004) and is committed to keep on participating in an active manner in the collective effort of social organisations of the American continent to construct a more just, fraternal and solidary America. In the present circumstances, this challenge requires more than ever, a steadfast union amongst of all those involved. We must fight to build a different world and effectively co-ordinate all the initiatives, which are still dispersed, to peacefully solve all the conflicts and the serious problems that plague us, while respecting the fundamental rights of the American people and in this way guarantee the autonomy of the countries of the region.

Solidarity with the peruvian people

Cancel the debt for participative reconstruction The International Alliance of Inhabitants, a network that brings together inhabitants’ organisations from diverse parts of the world, hereby expresses its solidarity with t the Peruvian populations struck by the destructive earthquake last October 15th,. This devastating event has left in it’s wake hundreds of victims affecting the lives of thousands of people. There is now a huge job to undertake: the reconstruction of villages that have vanished and homes that have been damaged.

Open letter to UN-Habitat from the IAI

The city of Jakarta does not deserve a prize but rather the urgent intervention of the international community to halt evictions