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The first step of joint agenda established by the World Assembly of Inhabitants (WSF Tunis 2013)  is on October, the World Zero Evictions Days – for the Right to Housing, in order to unify the Global Campaign for the right to housing and to land.

The central focus is the struggle against evictions, the foreclosures, the land grabbing and the persecution of activists: these matters involve all the inhabitants, both urban and rural all over the world.

The targets are the neoliberal policies: the roots of the urban and global crisis, corruption and real estate and land speculation, they exclude more than a billion people from a home and throw tens of millions more out on the street every year.

This way we support the local struggles to defend in solidarity the human rights and the common goods for the future of cities and territories.

Call from the World Assembly of Inhabitants to the World Days for the Right to Habitat

In the World Assembly of Inhabitants (World Social Forum, Tunis, March 2013), rural and urban grassroots organizations reviewed the experiences of the various movements and concluded that over the last two decades social organizations struggling to avoid mass evictions and create alternative policies in Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia have demonstrated that the unity and mobilization of all actors, in solidarity, is the only way to defeat the concrete tyrants and voracious real estate capitalism which has placed nature and humanity on the verge of being evicted from our planet.

It is in unity, organization, resistance and mobilization in solidarity that our responsible solution can be found, enabling us to create the conditions to build “another possible world”.