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International mobilization condemning the violent evictions in Santo Domingo

Starting on October28th , a series of demonstrations have begun where international organizations – whether inhabitants or networks in defense of human rights – will go in front of embassies and consulates of the Dominican Republic to condemn the violent evictions which occurred on the 15th , in the country’s capital, Santo Domingo. 

Movilización internacional repudia desalojos violentos en Santo Domingo

Heridos en desalojos Altos Brisas del Este, S. Domingo (15 10 2011)

The objective is to denounce to the whole world that the country, a privileged tourist destination, does not have a good internal politicy in light of its lack of respect towards the rights of poor communities. In Santo Domingo,  the 15th  of this month, a day in which the World Habitat Day is commemorated, was marked by the violent removal of 70 families, who for two years had lived in the Brisas del Leste neighborhood.

Beyond this incident, 50% of the population, equivalent to one million people, is threated by eviction. “This policy of violence must end and the government must worry about guaranteeing serious solutions and the serious, long-run housing problem facing the country,” said Pedro Franco, coordinator of Grito dos Excluídos/Caribbean, and Cesare Ottolini, coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI).

Movilización internacional repudia desalojos violentos en Santo Domingo

Ruta paralizada en resistencia contra la tentativa de desalojos de Altos Brisas del Este (14 10 2111)

According to Pedro, the Dominican government is modifying the Penal Code, with the objective to criminalize people who do not have property titles to the land which they have cultivated or where they have constructed their houses. Around 50% of the residents of the capital would fall into this category, he concludes.

Already, Cesare has indicated that during the eviction there was “brutal destruction” and many violations. “There was an attempted assassination of the deputy Juan Hubieres, president of the union Fenatrano (New Option Transport Federation), dozens of wounded and imprisoned, among them Jonathan Luciano, spokesman of the Zero Evictions Campaign,” he reproves. 

He highlights that the removal was unlawful because it did not wait for the results of negotiations that were underway, nor of pending legal protection. He also added that the government is actively campaigning against the families, taxing them as invaders of a protected nature reserve, in the interest of opening a space to criminalize their occupations.

Movilización internacional repudia desalojos violentos en Santo Domingo

La PN golpea a un habitante de Altos Brisas del Este (15 10 2011)

“The government wants to gain public support to fiercely amend the Penal Code, while recognizing parasitic private property rights, in order to punish the occupation of land and empty buildings (a penalty of 3 months to 10 years in prison, plus a fine),” he notes.

On the doors of the embassies, the protestors will place posters with the slogans, “Zero evictions in Santo Domingo!”, “Stop the evictions, respect the right to housing in Santo Domingo!” and “No to  the law which criminalizes occupants! The criminals are those who have idle land and houses available for speculation!”

The fight against evictions also includes a campaign to boycott tourism in the Dominican Republic. Each person should take photos at significant points in their city, holding the sign: “I will not be a tourist in Santo Domingo while there are evictions!”.

“Given that the Dominican Republic is very sensitive about the country’s international image (in the interest of commerce and tourism), our mobilization will have a real impact,” evaluates the call.

International movements are mobilizing, strengthening the coalition created to act during the World Days for the Right to Housing, organizing marches, vigils, press interviews, and alerting communities at risk.


Attached, you will find a letters of protests and solidarity that may be delivered to Embassies and Consulates of the Dominican Republic, across the world

Organizations interested in strengthening this mobilization should send an email to forosocial2006@yahoo.es


The Volunteer translator for housing rights without frontiers of IAI who has collaborated on the translation of this text was:

Amanda Bradshaw


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