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Thousands of Voices, One Message – FUND AND BUILD AFFORDABLE HOUSING!

Homelessness Ends With A Home Action!, USA, january 2010

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January 20th 2010 – Homelessness Ends with a Homelessness

San Francisco, Federal Building at 7th and Mission, 11 am – 2 pm

On January 19 and 20, 2010, communities from up and down the West Coast will converge in San Francisco to demonstrate our immense energy and BE THE CHANGE this administration needs to do what is right. Shoulder to shoulder we will take the necessary steps to win affordable housing and civil rights for everyone! For two days we will organize, dance, and grow the movement for social justice.

The federal government created the contemporary crisis of mass homelessness.

It cut and refused to restore billions of dollars in funding for affordable housing and then shifted the focus on homeless people themselves as the cause of the problem. We are coming together to force the federal government to live up to its moral obligation and refund affordable housing.

The Untold Story – It’s a crime to be poor in the US.

Across the country local governments have initiated programs designed to force poor people out of our communities and into jails. These programs violate our civil rights and human right to housing, health care, and employment. From antihomeless loitering, sitting and sleeping laws to immigration checks at health programs and public schools to arrest histories in Public Housing, we must stop this universal pattern of oppression.

United, we represent the change we voted for!

Our communities represent millions of square miles, dozens of languages, and every color, age, sex, origin, gender, affection, and orientation. But we are united in defense of our communities: We will not sit idly by and watch our communities get torn apart by policing, neglect, greed, and gentrification.

We need you to join us!

Only the combined skills, resources, and talents of all of us working together can stop this injustice.

January 20, 2010 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Obama administration. We have held onto Hope for a year and are way past ready for the Change that was promised us . On that day we will demonstrate the immense power and energy of our grassroots communities and be the MOVEMENT this administration needs to do what is right. Together we can make sure that we all have an affordable place to call HOME and Civil Rights to protect us!!!


• Immediately restore the Federal Government’s affordable housing funding to comparable 1978 levels. (In 1978, the budget was over $83 billion – in 2009 it is a meager $38.5 billion.)
• Restore USDA new unit construction levels in rural communities to the 31,000 annually averaged between 1976 and 1985.
• Enact a moratorium on the demolition, conversion or destruction of ANY publicly funded units until federal law guarantees one for one replacement at
existing affordability rates.
• Ensure adequate funding for operations of public housing to prevent unit loss, high vacancy rates, and substandard living conditions.

• Stop police and business improvement zone programs that enforce “nuisance crimes” or “quality of life crimes.” These programs criminalize and remove homeless, poor, people of color, and disabled members of our communities.
• Call for DOJ to respond to LA community request for investigation of discriminatory police enforcement under the Safer Cities Initiative that targets
homeless, poor, people of color and disabled community residents.
• Ensure that the more than 914,000 homeless children in our public schools are able to stay at their “home school” are fully integrated with their housed peers and are provided the support they need to learn and thrive.
• Stop any and all questions regarding a person’s immigration status when they are requesting housing, healthcare, emergency shelter or services.

To learn more and join us: call 415-621-2533 or visit http://wraphome.org/
Get the full story from our website and download a free copy of Without Housing!