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Inhabitants of Europe


England, End Unfair Evictions - Scrap Section 21

Generation Rent is working with ACORN , London Renters Union  and New Economics Foundation  to End Unfair Evictions in England by abolishing Section 21 that lets landlords evict tenants without giving a reason.Please sign the petition  on 38 Degrees!

IUT on Security of Tenure and Rent Stabilisation and Control: the public consultation is opened

Our friends of International Union of Tenants (IUT) have approved an important Position Paper on Security of Tenure and Rent Stabilisation and Control as contribution to the EU Urban Agenda Partnership for Affordable Housing.

Brussels, the Marolles must remain an affordable neighborhoud >>> sign!

Renovating the Marolles is great… Still being able to afford to live in them is better! The city of Brussels and the Region of Brussels-capital are launching the "Marolles neighborhood contract". 30 million euros will be invested into the renovation and the "embellishing" of the neighborhood.>>> Sign the Call: Renovation : yes! Raising the rents : no!

Italia, Il Congresso dei 50 anni rivela un'Unione Inquilini giovane, radicata localmente e ben cosciente delle sfide globali

Dal 18 al 20 Maggio si è svolto a Chianciano Terme il 15° Congresso Nazionale dell'Unione Inquilini, occasione per festeggiare i suoi 50 anni. Mezzo secolo nelle lotte per il diritto alla casa e per politiche abitative per gli inquilini e gli abitanti di tutta l’Italia, ben cosciente e impegnata a livello internazionale. Sullo sfondo, la necessità di fare fronte comune a una maggioranza di forze politiche populiste e razziste che, nel « programma di governo » concordato, dimostrano di essere assai lontane dal diritto alla casa, e a un crescente tentativo di criminalizzazione delle lotte.

Italian Tenants’ Union – we’ll reply blow for blow when under attack for our solidarity

24 May 2018 - Denunciations, including claims for damages, continue against activists defending families from eviction. Yesterday, just after Cesare Ottolini, secretary of Padova Tenants’ Union, and a member of the Italian Tenants’ Union’s national secretariat, as well as global coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI), was charged to appear in court, Michelangelo Di Beo, a fellow member of the Italian Tenants’ Union’s national secretariat, has in turn been charged to appear in court for having defended a family during an anti-eviction picket. The same story for another member of the Tenants’ national secretariat, Laura Boy, who has also been charged to appear in court for the occupation of an abandoned and dilapidated building.

Belgique, Recours constitutionnel contre une loi anti-squat scélérate

Belgique, Recours constitutionnel contre une loi anti-squat scélérate Le 5 octobre 2017, le Parlement fédéral votait une loi soutenue par tous les partis de la majorité, inscrivant au Code pénal l’occupation d’immeubles sans titre ni droit.  Jugeant cette nouvelle mesure disproportionnée et contraire au droit au logement, un collectif d’organisations et de squatteur.e.s dépose un recours en annulation à la Cour constitutionnelle.>>> Signez la pétition, appuyée par l'Alliance Internationale des Habitants "Non à la loi anti-squat en Belgique" cliquant ici

Padua, Italy, the coordinator of the IAI accused of defending a family against eviction, call for international mobilization

The Court in Padua has summoned Cesare Ottolini, global coordinator of the IAI, accused of “aggravated private violence” for successfully defending a family of migrants against eviction from their home. The family is one of many families defended over 40 years of struggle for the right to housing in his city and on all continents.Call for international mobilization.

The Third Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2018

Since 2015, FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre have released a yearly Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe. These annual reports look at the latest Eurostat data (EU-SILC) and assess EU countries' capacity to adequately house their populations.

Roma, Todos somos Venezuela - Sabato 7 aprile ore 15:30 - Via tor de’ schiavi,101

Sabato 7 aprile, alle ore 15:30, si svolgerà a Roma, in Via Tor De' Schiavi 101, una iniziativa dedicata al Venezuela, paese sotto embargo.

Housing and Property Markets in Russia in 2017 and Resultant Struggles - a Short Review

The general economic and political situation in Russia has made its impact upon the Russian housing and property markets, and hence, on all the others factors, including the ongoing struggle and forced evictions.