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Inhabitants of Europe


La risposta delle cooperative di autorecupero alla speculazione immobiliare

Il workshop, di cui l’Unione Inquilini è co-promotore assieme alla Chairecoop di Lione e al Laboratorio Arti Civiche/Università Roma 3, si svolgerà presso l’Università Roma 3 – Dipartimento di Architettura – Aula libera Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi 19 – il 10 Giugno 2015. A fine giornata e il giorno 11, gli incontri presso le cooperative di autorecupero, esempi concreti di come è possibile alloggiare con dignità uscendo dalle regole del mercato.

France, Les familles roms et les défenseurs des droits de l’homme se mobilisent

Le 28 mai prochain, deux militants du collectif Romeurope du Val-Maubuée sont poursuivis devant le tribunal correctionnel de Meaux pour avoir défendus des familles roms expulsées en janvier dernier.Ils sont accusés de violence envers la force publique, alors, qu’avec d’autres, ils ont simplement ouvert les portes d’une Mairie annexe à Noisiel (77), afin que des familles expulsées ce jour-là puissent se mettre au chaud et accéder à un hébergement d’urgence.

IUT: Eviction is not the solution. People need a roof over their head!

The IUT expresses its solidarity with families who are evicted from their home because of rent arrears or unpaid mortgages- it is not their choice. For those people, hit by the financial crisis and rising housing costs, we have to find solutions to guarantee a roof over their head. Prevention is the key. Access to safe and secure housing  is a fundamental right , recognised by the Universal Declaration on Human rights, the European Social Charter and the European Charter of Fundamental rights, and many national constitutions.

Housing action groups against TTIP, TTIP: a threat to social housing, land rights and democratic cities

The undersigning organisations, united in the struggle for the right to housing and to the city, strongly support the protests against the planned free trade agreement TTIP (“Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” between EU and USA) and the already negotiated CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). All over Europe protests will take place at 18th April.

14° Congresso Nazionale Unione Inquilini (Livorno, 17-18-19 aprile 2015)

La tre giorni congressuale del più importante sindacato inquilini di base, nato nel 1968, tra i fondatori della CUB e dell'International Alliance of Inhabitants, pone al centro del dibattito l’innovazione necessaria di nuove vertenze per aggredire le cause strutturali della sofferenza abitativa. Il fallimento del liberismo nelle varianti centrodestra/centrosinistra richiede infatti un vero piano casa, finanziato a livello locale, nazionale e anche dell'Unione Europea, nonché un nuovo “canone equo”, per contenere i prezzi degli affitti e combattere gli sfratti. Per raggiungere questi risultati è indispensabile la mobilitazione, in particolare la resistenza contro gli sfratti, e l'azione politica unitaria di una “coalizione per il diritto alla casa” collegata a una coalizione sociale alternativa.

The first year of Anti-Mipimism

From 10 to 13 March 2015 the annual MIPIM is taking place in Cannes. Twelve months ago housing rights groups for the first time raised their voice to protest against this international real estate fair. “25 years of Mipimism is enough” they stated.

Trial and punishment: the role of the international banks in the mortgage fraud in Spain

Since the bursting of the housing market bubble in 2008 and its devastating and perverse impact on poor families in many countries, including Spain, a constant struggle has been developed by its victims against the mortgage fraud implemented by the financial entities in the financial system with the approval and support of various state agencies.

España, La PAH marca los billetes para mentalizar contra los desahucios

El sello #NoMásDesahucios plasmado en un billete de 10 euros. /TWITTER La Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca pretende con ésta iniciativa que los afectados "tomen las riendas de su lucha" haciendo llegar a los gobernantes los euros sellados con el lema "No más desahucios" y demostrarles así el descontento ciudadano ante la situación por la que pasan miles de familias

Thousands gather in London to protest against lack of affordable housing

An estimated 2,000 people marched on City Hall The March for Homes brings together campaigners, tenants and trade unionists to demand building of council homes and curbing of private rents.Thousands of people gathered outside City Hall on Saturday to demand Boris Johnson urgently tackle the lack of affordable housing in the capital and curb the spiralling rents that they warn are “ripping the heart” out of London.

Moscow, joint protest action of social workers, housing rights and left wing activists

On Friday, 26. 12. 2014, Moscow saw another protest action staged by local ‘’social workers’’ – doctors and teachers employed by state agencies and establishments – and a number of social and left wing activists.The protest participants demanded meeting with Mr. Sobianin, Moscow City Mayor. The people protested further redundancies and demanded housing due to them according to the promises given by the city authorities.