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Inhabitants of Europe


Left-over spaces: recycling abandoned buildings to avoid wasting land

You write the word ‘sprawl’ and you see the edges of the city spreading ever outwards. Destroying the environment. Eating up the land. And while the city spreads like an oil slick, historic centres are losing their distinctiveness and emptying of residents, driven out by escalating prices.

The inhabitants cooperatives in Europe: a third way to popular housing

Friday 30 May 2008 This international conference addresses local administrators, practitioners, researchers, academics, inhabitants association and students who are seeking to understand the developments and challenges involved in the public problem of “popular housing”, as well as the answers that local European and American organisations are coming up with.

A delegation of the Platform will be received at the United Nations in Geneva

On the 28th and 29th April 2008, a delegation of four persons, representing NGOs and trade unions will submit an alternative report to the French government’s third periodic report on the situation of economic, social and cultural rights in France to the United Nations’ International Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights in Geneva.

Jeudi Noir does it again… and takes over “the Impasse”

Thursday, 24 April 2008 For two months, some thirty Jeudi Noir —or Black Thursday—activists have occupied an abandoned building in the heart of the Marais, in the third arrondissement of Paris. It’s an amiable squat to protest the real-estate speculation which prevents the “ nouveaux précaires ” from finding housing. Photo and video gallery at Politis.fr

UN rapporteur questions the PSOE’s housing policy

The association Platform for Decent Housing (PVD) noted that the PSOE’s measures on housing differ significantly from the recommendations of the UN Special Rapporteur, Miloon Kothari. PVD is calling for the legislature to adopt measures that eliminate the causes of speculation and high prices, and not mere ‘Band Aid’ solutions and it severely criticises the Ministry of Housing’s latest measures.

Appeal to the States General for the Right Housing and living conditions

In order to work out the content and objectives of European States general in the last term of 2007, as well as come up with possible joint actions, we would like to invite you to participate in a preparatory meeting :

The Rise of the Communal Movement in Russia

Since the new Housing Code was put into practice on 1st 1anuary 2006 and reforms have accelerated in the field of communal housing, protest actions have proliferated and are spreading to more and more regions.

Budapest: demonstration against racist evictions

  Organized by the Foundation of Romas' Civic Rights a demonstration has taken place in Budapest on Friday 9 December against evictions, segregation and racism. Together with roma families of the so called "dzsumbuj" of 9th district of Budapest, directly touched by the forced evictions also no roma hungarians have participated at the event.

Details and Comments on the Rue de la Banque Victory

Clarifications and comments on the Rue de la Banque victory An agreement was signed Friday, December 14 2007 for the rehousing of 374 Rue de la Banque homeless families. The agreement was between the city housing minister and the housing organizations CAL, CDSL, and DAL along with the representatives of the homeless.