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Inhabitants of Europe


Antievictions protest rally in Royal Courts, The Strand, London

Thursday 4 December 2008, 11.30 am...Jean Sheridan, 24, is one of up to 400 people who could be turfed out of the illegal Dale Farm camp, at Crays Hill, if Basildon council wins the right to evict before Christmas. ...

Ayazma, Istanbul: Solidarity tent waiting for solution after demolition

In the morning of November 13th 2008, the municipal forces of the Kucukcekmece District, accompanied by the police, broke into Ayazma where the huts and tents of the 18 families- the previous tenants of the area before the urban transformation process took place- were forcibly taken down, broken to pieces and completely demolished.

Regarding recent attacks against Carine Clément and other social militants in Russia

These facts are shocking since they coincide in time and touch people from different spheres of activity. But they are an illustration of the tendency in the last months of using criminal methods to solve social conflicts. Hundreds of militants more or less unknown, supporting housing, work, anti-corruption, environment or land rights were affected by these methods in most of the regions of Russia. We say: It's enough!

¡Añadan su firma! “¡Pongamos fin a las acciones de intimidación contra los activistas sociales!”

Está claro que en los últimos tiempos se han multiplicado las agresiones de cariz claramente intimidatorio en contra de los líderes de los movimientos sociales y sindicales. Entre los últimos casos deseamos destacar las agresiones contra Karine Clémentleman, miembro del Grupo de Trabajo y uno de los líderes de la Unión de Consejos de Coordinación; Aleksei Etmanov, líder del sindicato “Ford”; Mijail Beketov, líder del movimiento para la defensa del bosque de Chimkinskii y Sergei Fedotov, líder de los propietarios de los terrenos estafados en la periferia de Moscú. Además, se perpetraron varias agresiones contra los activistas que luchan por los edificios expropiados en todas las ciudades. Existe, en particular, un caso de homicidio de activistas antifascistas.

Jornada “Etxebizitza Eskubidea – Derecho a la Vivienda”, Bilbao

El Foro de Vivienda de Euskadi – ETXEBIZHITZA ha organizado el próximo lunes, 10 de noviembre, una jornada bajo el título ‘Etxebizitza Eskubidea – Derecho a la Vivienda’ en el Centro Cívico San Francisco, en Bilbao.En ella intervendrán expertos en materia de vivienda:- Miloon Kothari, Relator Especial de la ONU sobre Vivienda Adecuada;- Cesare Ottolini, Presidente de la Alianza Internacional de Habitantes;- Elías Trabada, sociólogo y autor del estudio “Panorámica de la juventud de Euskadi: análisis de los principales indicadores”- Javier Burón, Viceconsejero de Vivienda del Gobierno VascoEl Foro de Vivienda de Euskadi – EtxebizHitza es formado por un total de diez colectivos.

4th States General for Housing and the City

Creating a public service for the city and housing 8 November 2008, Gennevilliers, Salle des fêtes 177 avenue Gabriel Péri - 92230 Gennevilliers - FranceOrganized by ANECR et PCF. The Confédération nationale du logement (CNL - National Housing Federation ) and the Droit au logement (DAL - Right to Housing ) non-profit organisation took part in preparing and organising the event, which was attended by representatives of numerous other organisations.AIH, Attac, CGT, Collectif « Pas touche au Livret A ! », Confédération Syndicale des Familles (CSF), Convergence services publics, Coordination anti-démolition des quartiers populaires, Coordination des travailleurs sociaux 93, Fondation Abbé Pierre, FSU, Interlogement 93, JC, No-Vox, UNEF, etc.

Urgent support for Sulukule, Istanbul

Dear friends,Please sign the petition below, to support the alternatif local development plan for Sulukule which shows that another Sulukule is possible against the "gentrification" project of the municipality... To sign go to: http://www.alternatifsulukule.org/default_en.aspx STOP! No Fronteirs Autonomous Planners

Turkish: European Governments To Pull Out Of Ilisu Dam?

The ancient town of Hasankeyf will be flooded by the Ilisu Dam (peevishsoul ) Wed, 10/08/2008By sending an Environmental Failure Notice to the Turkish authorities, the governments of Germany, Austria and Switzerland have started the process of withdrawing their financial support for the Ilisu Project in Turkey. This is a fantastic success of the European anti-Ilisu campaigners. While the German government has pushed for this unprecedented step, the attitude of the Austrian and Swiss governments is ambiguous. The next two months will decide over the fate of the project.

Protest Brent Travellers

After the attacks of 9-11 seven years ago, the residents of Lynton Close trepidly stepped out of their site to March along the North Circular Rd in Brent (North London).

Murcia: Dozens of immigrants

Illegal settlements In Los Dolores (Murcia), there are constant complaints about the filth and presence of minors in ‘deplorable’ conditions, while in Patiño, camps have been set up again.In La Azacaya, black pudding is the talk of the town. But less than one kilometre away, among the fig and lemon trees beside the River Segura next to Manolito’s lane, several dozen immigrants live in subhuman conditions. They are waiting for a judge to order the eviction and demolition of the abandoned houses in which they have lived for the last two years.