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From the inhabitants of the world to the G7: Homes not bombs!

A loud and clear message to Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Teresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Shinzo Abe, Jean-Claude Junker, Donald Tusk, and Paolo Gentiloni.

We identify you by name because the G7 is yours and you are fundamentally responsible for it.

We have studied with attention the documents of your meeting of 26 and 27 May at Taormina, but we have found nothing on how to change course to truly resolve the global crisis caused by the neoliberal policies you continue to propose. Again you discuss unlimited development, the extension of controls over persons, populations and territories, and the war against terror.

Nothing about the 1.2 billion people who are homeless, poorly housed and evicted, in the global South and also increasingly in the countries of the G7, because without decent jobs and incomes they are excluded from sharing in the wealth produced, from social services, from the right to live, by cruel neoliberal policies.

You want our mother earth at your service to continue the cycle of growth, considering the cities to be markets, their citizens consumers.

Those excluded are left outside, the poor criminalised, migrants shut behind walls or left to drown, others forced to fight for a piece of bread or a precarious roof.

Also outside are those countries who do not fall in line, like Venezuela, a victim of the economic terrorism being imposed upon it, of terrorists that shoot, burn and destroy the achievements of Bolivarianism, policies like the Great Mission for Homes.

We do not agree !

Therefore we will be opposite G7 at Taormina to bring the wealth of proposals and struggles of the inhabitants of the world, as discussed at the People's Social Forum Resistance to Habitat III in 2016 at Quito, and all those international meetings in which we participate to strengthen the solidarity and rights of the overwhelming majority of humanity.

The best course is to develop public policies based on human rights, social rights and a responsibility to future generations.

Specifically, to leave the market to house with dignity and security 1.2 billion people, thanks to the development of policies on housing, public and social urban planning, and the control of financial and real estate markets.

Policies possible thanks to the redistribution of wealth, in particular with the cancellation of unjust, illegitimate and hateful sovereign debts, and the abandonment of austerity policies.

You are not here to discuss this.

Therefore you are not welcome.

Unione Inquilini

International Alliance of Inhabitants

26 May 2017


The Volunteer translator for housing rights without frontiers of IAI who has collaborated on the translation of this text was:

Jennifer Line


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