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Inhabitants of Europe


Moscow dormitory tenants tried to pitch a tent near Mayor’s Office

On May, 15, at five p.m. tenants of Moscow dormitories came to the inner yard of Moscow City Mayor Office to make officials resolve their housing problems.

Housing is a right. Protest and solidarity with the Spanish being evicted

Protesta ante el Congreso por el rechazo de la ILP sobre desahucios (EFE) Protest will be head today in front of the Spanish embassy in Paris, London, Edinburg, Berlin, Lisbon in solidarity against evictions and in support to the People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP), the citizens’ response to Spain’s mortgage lending fraud.Please disseminate!

Criminalization of homelessness to be included in the Hungarian constitution

Fidesz-KDNP, the ruling party coalition in Hungary, intends to include the criminalization of homelessness in the Hungarian constitution. The Parliament, where Fidesz-KDNP has supermajority, will vote on the 4th amendment to the Fundamental Law in the second week of March. This step is the culmination of the two-year-long campaign of vengeance that the government has waged against one of the most vulnerable and poorest social groups in the country: homeless people living on the street.

Justice on the Streets, participatory action research with homeless people in Budapest

We are happy to share with you the closing study of the participatory action research project launched by The City is for All in 2011 about discrimination experienced by homeless people in Budapest.

UK, Imminent “Forced Eviction” by Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

In 2009 a group of Romani Gypsies bought some land where they moved their caravans and applied for planning permission. A call to support their struggle against the forced evictions planned by RBWM in about four weeks time.

St. Petersburg, Russia, A call for solidarity with tenants in hunger strike

It has been from February 11 in a row that a twenty people strong group of tenants of house 15/2, Ilyushina street, have been holding a hunger strike action in the office of an opposition party, in the down town area of Saint Petersburg, the ‘’second capital city’’ of Russia. Please read the appeal attached and send your solidarity message to the addresses indicated therein. An IAI call for solidarity!

16F manifestaciones en ciudades españolas: Por el derecho a la vivienda. Contra el genocidio financiero

El 16 de Febrero salimos a la calle en todas las ciudades españolas por el derecho a la vivienda digna, por que se ponga fin a los desahucios, se establezca la dación en pago de las viviendas hipotecadas y se avance en la conformación de un parque de viviendas en alquiler social. Exigimos, además, que se ponga fin a la corrupción de los partidos políticos.

Thirty housing rights activists were arrested in Budapest

On the 19th  of January 2013, homeless activists and their allies squatted an empty building in the 7th  district of Budapest. The squatters demanded the institutionalization of a right to housing and an extensive system of social housing instead of punitive measures and overcrowded shelters. The activists were arrested and now face misdemeanor charges because of disobeying police instructions. The IAI call for international solidarity.

Napoli, Appello per sostenere l’ex Asilo Filangieri sotto sgombero

Sigilli posti il 5/1/13 sulla porta del teatro autogestito dal Collettivo La Balena,Ex Asilo Filangieri, Napoli L'ex Asilo Filangieri, aperto nel marzo 2012 per sottrarlo ai rischi di privatizzazione e fallimento, è stato attraversato da oltre 200 iniziative artistiche culturali e sociali, tra le quali il Foro Sociale Urbano, diventando così un vero bene comune.Invitiamo tutti a firmare l'appello contro le richieste di sgombero da parte del Comune di Napoli.Firma l'Appello e sostieni l'Asilo!

UK, Travellers celebrate the first approved planning for a traveller site by Basildon Council

Basildon Borough Council’s planning committee finally passed a planning application for 15 pitches to accommodate some of the most vulnerable homeless Gypsy and Traveller families in Basildon. This is a small step towards meeting the needs of local Travellers by approving plans for culturally suitable accommodation rather than wasting more taxpayers money on forced evictions.