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Inhabitants of Europe


Solidarity Initiative: defending Housing Rights is a human right not a crime!

In Padova on Sunday February 2nd , there will be an initiative in solidarity with Cesare Ottolini, the secretary of Padova Unione Inquilini (Tenants’ Union), and global coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants. Cesare Ottolini will face trial on the 12/02/2020 for having participated peacefully during September 2017 in defending an Algerian family with 5 children from being evicted from their home by Dobank-UNICREDIT.

Russian Federation, An Iced and Frozen House in Irkutsk Still Shelters Five Families

An amazing case has been recorded in the Siberian city of Irkutsk in January of this New Year 2020. A five - storied brick made house located in Street Sovietskaya, 176, formerly residential, has been found totally frozen and …..yet still inhabited by humans, according to the information provided by City Mayor’s office and local media.


Habitant.e.s des pays riverains nous nous sommes rencontré.e.s à Marseille dans le cadre du Forum des Habitants de la Méditerranée, lancé par l'Alliance Internationale des Habitants en coordination avec les Etats Généraux de la Ville, nous avons conclu un Pacte solidaire pour la construction du Réseau des Habitants de la Méditerranée.

Politiche abitative in Europa: richiesta di impegno ai candidati alle elezioni europee 2019

Vogliamo davvero un’altra Europa, quella del diritto alla casa. Invito ai candidati alle Elezioni Europee del 26 maggio  a leggere questo impegno e ad aderire. Nessuna preclusione, ma chi aderisce deve impegnarsi sul serio a fare quanto richiesto. Invito agli elettori a valutare chi ha aderito.

Housing for all: 1 million signatures for 5 demands to the EU legislators to change the rules

This European Citizens' Initiative have the opportunity to convince the EU to change its thinking by 5 demands so that affordable and social housing can be made possible in Europe.Ask the candidates to the European Parliament to support Housing for all ECI! Support “Housing for All” by signing the petition under www.housingforall.eu

4th Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2019

Spectacular price increases, record number of homeless people, glaring lack of affordable housing: the housing crisis is affecting all of Europe. On the eve of the deadline for the European Union's cohesion policy in 2020, time to take stock has come. The conclusion is clear: the return to growth does not benefit everyone, quite the contrary.


Sabine Réthoré, Dessins. Cartographie contemporaine (http://www.sabine-rethore.net) We would like to welcome you all to Marseille, France,  from 21 to 23 June 2019! We are the more than 500 million people that inhabit the 22 countries bordering our sea, the Mediterranean. In this communal area that we share, we could create a good atmosphere of living together in peace; we could move around freely, respecting the environment and the human rights of all people.

Appel des associations et collectifs à des Etats généraux de Marseille: Vivante, Populaire et Accueillante

Un appel pour des Etats Généraux de Marseille a été diffusé lors de la commémoration des effondrements des deux immeuble en rue d’Aubagne , où huit personnes sont mortes au mois de novembre 2018.

Taudis-Poly, lanzado el juego que denuncia la vivienda indigna

Marsella, 08/04/19. Fathi Bouaroua, creador de Taudis-Poly, presenta el juego a Leilani Farha, Relatora de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Derecho a la Vivienda. El Taudis-Poly es un juego de sensibilización creado por Fathi Bouaroua - especialista en el área de vivienda y activista Emmaüs- y  producido en colaboración con nuestra asociación Didac'Ressources cuyo propósito es la lucha contra toda forma de discriminación, el acceso a una formación de calidad para todos y la participación en el conocimiento (participación en el conocimiento es compartir poderes).

Bruxelles: Mon loyer est trop cher !

Les élections régionales approchent. Un enjeu majeur du logement à Bruxelles, c'est l'encadrement des loyers. Le RBDH veut pousser cette thématique dans les mois et années à venir. Rendez-vous sur le site :