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Inhabitants of the world united for the right to the city!This was determined in the Call, approved by the plenary Urban Social Forum of Rio, summarizing the deep sense which invigorated the participation of thousands of people, social leaders, inhabitants organizations, tenants, homeless, cooperatives and communities in dozens of meetings, seminars and workshops which brought this unitary space to life.

The multidimensional process of constructing the (World Assembly of Inhabitants 2011) was launched after the 2008 Madrid Declaration and at the 2009 Belém World Social Forum. It is the product of collective work and active participation and invites inhabitants’ organisations and social movements to become more active. It considers Systematization to be an integral and fundamental part of this process.

In collaboration with the Museu da Pessoa, IAI’s Urban Popular University carried out a series of video interviews with urban social leaders from Brazil and other countries on the occasion of the Urban Social Forum as part of the project “Inhabitants’ Memory”.