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Inhabitants of Americas


International IAI Days in Dominican Republic

The international IAI Days will be held in Santo Domingo from April 18 to 26, 2007, organized by the International Alliance of Inhabitants in collaboration with numerous social, academic and institutional partners.

Towards the national caravan to Brasilia

The CONAM’s national campaign of struggle for development, employment, urban reform and social rights. The national campaign of struggle of the National Confederation of Residents’ Associations (CONAM) was launched by CONAM’s National Council of Associated Bodies (CONEA) in December of 2006. Its objective is to mobilize the grassroots community movement and supporters of the Residents’ Associations in the struggle for social rights such as education, health, housing, sanitation and public transport among others, with an instrument for the universalization of these rights; generation of income and employment and a new cycle of economic and social development for the country. Also on the agenda is the amnesty of the Residents’ Associations and Neighborhood Friends’ Societies for Inland Revenue debts dating back to the 1990s.