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Inhabitants of Americas


Paraguay: Homeless disrobe in protest against public prosecutors

Almost 100 settlers from Finca 66, officially designated as homeless, were involved this Monday in a protest against the district attorneys who ordered their eviction and allegedly irregular arrest. They undressed and shouted all kinds of insults, as well as attempting to assault a journalist. The events took place opposite the District Attorney’s Office, Ciudad del Este.

Peru: residents of San Juan de Lurigancho reject the reforms promoted by Mayor Burgos

Over 5,000 residents of San Juan de Lurigancho answered a call from the the District Committee of Current Social Organisations and demonstrated on 30 June in defense of the System of Citizen Participation and Control, threatened by the actions of Mayor Carlos Burgos Horna.The march set out from the Metro shops and ended with a peaceful demonstration outside the municipal offices. At the end of this demonstration a group sought to petition the mayor to set up a working party to resolve the problem. However, they were received only by the public security services and lesser municipal officials, an indication of the Mayor’s lack of interest in entering into dialogue with civil society.

No, to the European Union “Return Directive”!

For the people's integration! On June 18th, the European Union approved the “Return Directive”, popularly known as the “Directive of Shame.” This new law, sets out rules for expelling illegal immigrants and extending their detention time to up to 18 months. Young children may also be detained for a “short” period, and immigrants may be arrested and expelled from the country by a simple administrative action.

Final Declaration of the Assembly of Caribbean People

Our struggle is for life, solidarity, and Caribbean integration With the approval of the Final Declaration and a call for sovereignty, resistance and integration of Caribbean nations, the working sessions of the 4th Assembly of Caribbean People (ACP) came to a close. The event, which took place in Caimito, a town close to the capital Havana, united 167 delegates from social and political organisations, rural, labour, workers' women's, students' and youth's movements, artists and intellectual movements, environmental, and community-based organisations, solidarity and non-governmental organisations from 20 Caribbean countries, as well as representatives of important networks and campaigns from the continent. Idania Trujillo, Minga Informativa de Movimientos Sociales

The Inauguration of the 4th Assembly of Caribbean People

The 4th Assembly of Caribbean People was inaugurated under the central theme “The Caribbean: Diversity, Resistance, Solidarity and Alternative Integration” at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp in Caminito, a town located some 50 kilometres from Havana. Fernando Remírez de Estenoz, head of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, welcomed the participants and gave the Assembly's opening speech.Saludos y propuestas de la Alianza Internacional de Habitantes Announcement IV APC (english).pdf [51.15 kB]

México: One year defending your homes

The Council for the Defence of Housing (CDV) has made important progress in the fight for the right to housing for the workers of Mexico. On 14 June it held its National Evaluation Meeting in Mexico City to mark the first anniversary of its starting work. Let me describe the Council’s main achievements. Laura Itzel Castillo, 18 June 2008

Investigación: caso inquilinos del área metropolitana de Caracas

Esta pequeña investigación se realizo al grupo social de los inquilinos del Área Metropolitana de Caracas pertenecientes a la Red Metropolitana de Inquilinos.A parte de la justificación, aquí se plantea una propuesta para un decreto de inamovilidad inquilinaria, es solo una propuesta, pero que podría solventar momentaneamente la crisis que se esta viviendo con respecto a los desalojos forzosos. Cabe destacar que el movimiento social Red Metropolitana de Inquilinos, sede U.B.V. esta desarrollando investigaciones, propuesta y no solo se limita al hecho meramente reinvindicativo.También es necesario mencionar que del movimiento original, se han desprendido pequeños grupos que están igualmente trabajando por la reinvindicación inquilinaria pero desde una perspectiva ideológica diferente, la cual respetamos.Espero sea de utilidad este trabajo realizado con la colaboración y el entusiasmo de muchos iquilinos de la Red Metropolitana de Inquilinos.Elizabeth Santos    

The celebration of Quebec’s 400 years: the ‘4-Lesses’ Camp

The 4-Lesses are, the homeless, the penniless, the less privileged, and the voiceless. These are persons and families throughout Quebec, who face housing and nomadic problems, those who are denied the right to housing on a daily basis. Call-out for support for an Action Supporting People Living in Poor Housing Conditions, Quebec (Canada), June 26th to June 28th, 2008.doc [103.00 kB]

The right to housing in the Lima Declaration

… Adopt, inter alia, measures like debt swap for social investment (inter alia, in health, access to drinking water, education and housing) … to finance social policies … PERU.21 , May 2008

US squats are on the rise

Mon May 19, 2008 2:47am EDT BROCKTON, Massachusetts (Reuters) - They enter through a broken first-floor window each night to sleep on a moldy bed in the abandoned four-family house at 827 Main Street, part of a new generation of squatters emboldened by America's housing foreclosure crisis.