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Inhabitants of Americas


The First National Truth Commission on poverty in USA

On July 15 and 16, 2006, the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) made history in Cleveland, Ohio by holding the first National Truth Commission on Poverty in the United States of America.

Ushuaia: Social housing for an urban world

November 29 and 30 2007 The “Social Housing for an Urban World” Day took place under two intense days of working and a huge meeting of organisations of civil society and local and national representatives as well as international organisations. It was organised by Habitat Network, Argentina ( Red Hábitat Argentina ) and the Urban Social Forum of the Tierra del Fuego Province.

Uruguay's "Urban Landless" Fight for Housing Cooperative

Following almost four decades of struggle for urban land to build their houses, mutual-aid housing cooperatives confront the progressive government of President Tabaré Vázquez, which has criminalized occupations and bogged down loans.

Evicted for unpaid debts: the Mexican Government is violating international obligations

Harsh pronouncement: IAI vows to take Mexico’s case to the United Nations Advisory Group on Forced Evictions In the run up to World Zero Evictions Day, the Consejo Nacional de Defensa de la Vivienda (National Housing Defence Council - CDV) met with Cesare Ottolini, Coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI), to analyse the housing situation and evictions promoted by the Mexican Federal Government. Using legal evidence, CDV demonstrated that in Mexico, the Federal Government is undertaking a series of irregular operations. These include selling unpaid debts to American debt collection agencies, and the eviction of thousands of persons who are unable to pay their home purchase loans because they have no jobs. The Federal Government has thus failed to adhere to legally-binding international agreements guaranteeing the Mexican people the right to decent housing.

Respect Human Rights: Stop the Demolitions!

The New Orleans Solidarity Organizing Committee - Minnesota Branch unites with the New Orleans Public Housing and Right to Return Movement and the United Front for Affordable Housing to demand a halt to HUD’s plans to demolish approximately 5,000 units of badly needed and structurally sound public housing. HUD‘s planned demolition of this valuable housing resource would exacerbate the suffering of low income New Orleans tenants and effectively block their return to New Orleans, in violation of human rights standards, commitments, and common decency as shared by all peoples of the world. HUD should turn its energies to housing people in need and facilitating the return of New Orleans low income residents rather than demolishing their homes and blocking their return.

México está violando la legalidad internacional

Duro pronunciamiento AIH que llevara el caso México al Comité sobre desalojos de las Naciones Unidas

Solidaridad con el pueblo de Republica Dominicana

El paso de la tormenta Noel afecta al pueblo. Les informamos que, aun a sabiendas del uso político que suelen hacer las fuerzas dominantes de tragedias como estas, organizaciones del movimiento social, Foro Social Alternativo, Red Urbano Popular, Campaña Cero Desalojos, entre otras, estamos inmersos en las labores humanistas de socorro a los sectores afectados, muchos de los cuales son nuestra propia gente.

CONAM’s successful national campaign ends with a demonstration and public hearings in Brasilia

With caravans bringing in approximately one thousand five hundred community leaders from around the country, CONAM’s day in Brasília was characterized by a protest march through the Esplanade of Ministries, public hearings at the ministries and a ‘blitz’ on Congress.

Mexico: national action against INFONAVIT, the federal government and CAPMARK

Complicit governments have reduced the constitutional right to housing to nothing Article 123 of the Mexican political constitution, a product of the 1910 revolution, requires employers to provide housing for their employees. However, Mexican big business and its ally the federal government refused to grant this right for many long decades, and it was not until 1970 that worker action and pressure forced them to uphold it. Employers and the federal government shrewdly set up housing institutions financed by 5% of workers’ salaries, 5% of employers’ salaries and 5% of the State budget.