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Resistances and Alternatives are the key words chosen by the Liaison Committee, established during the World Assembly of Inhabitants (WAI) in order to unify the Global Campaign for the right to housing and to land  from the 16th  September until the 31st  October this year.

Recognizing the common structural factors of the neoliberal system that lie behind the persistent and systematic violation of land and housing rights around the world, and following the decision taken by the World Assembly of Inhabitants,

The various international networks for the right to habitat that signed the World Assembly Declaration, Convergence of Inhabitants for the Right to Habitat  on February 10th  2011, have committed to making World Habitat Day in October 2011 an important opportunity for raising awareness of and rallying against forced evictions, insecurity of tenure and land grabbing, in solidarity with activists for the right to ha...
The map illustrates cases reported by you – the organizations, communities and individuals affected by and concerned with violations of the right to habitat. Please add more cases to the map – including pictures, videos, actions and links – to be profiled during the World Habitat Days 2011. Violations and resistances are organized in 3 categories:Forced Evictions – Land Grabbing – Activists at RiskThere are 3 ways cases ca...


Across the globe, demonstrations, meetings, films and other events will be organized by you and others during the World Habitat Days, 16 September – 31 October 2011.  This map will showcase your events locally as well as for the larger movement.Now, promote and share your event: Fill out this form Send a tweet with links to the hashtag #WHD2011 Send an email to worldhabitatdays@gmail.com  with complete detai...
Does the constitution of "Joint Anti-Evictions Task-Forces" seem to be useful to you?