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Zero Evictions Campaign

World Zero Evictions Day 2008

We are launching an appeal to organise a World Zero Evictions Days 2008 throughout the month of October 2008 as a concrete follow-up of the Global Campaign : Act together - housing for all! This is also a collective preparatory exercise for the World Assembly of Inhabitants.


Press Release. Harmonious cities once and for all -...

On World Habitat Day , celebrated by UN-Habitat on October 6, 2008, under the motto “Harmonius Cities”, the Internati...

Markets alone cannot ensure housing for all, says UN...

Press release Raquel Rolnik, 23 October 2008 The following statement was issued today in New York by the United Natio...

After the Zero Eviction Days, inhabitants prepare for the 2009 World Social Forum in Belem

More than 80 events were organised during the 2008 edition of the World Zero Eviction Days, which saw the participation of tens of thousands of people. The events strengthened participants’ awareness of being the central figures in a common struggle whose aim is to present a united front against the disastrous effects of neo-liberalism on cities and their inhabitants, with resistance and alternatives being the tools of choice.Inhabitants are using the same approach as they prepare to participate in the Belem WSF.
Syndicat des Locataires

Bruxelles: Action pour le logement

Partial Endorsers List: Coalition to Save Harlem, Concerned Citizens of Greater Harlem, Delano Village Tenant Association, Human Rights Project @Urban Justice Center,Green Party, International Action Center, International League of People's Struggle, Picture the Homeless, National Network to Stop Foreclosure & Evictions,Operation Power, People for Community Recovery, Right to the City,Troops Out Now, Willet Points Defense Committee

New York City: "Housing is a Human Right" Rally

Chennai Housing Rights Coalition and Centre for Social Work and Research

Demonstration on 17th Oct’08 at Near to Memorial Hall (Government G.H.)

Union des Soviets de Coordination de Russie (SKS)

25 octobre en Russie : « Journée de la colère sociale »

A Exception Culturelle, ACDL, AFVS, AITEC, ANECR, ATTAC, Autre Monde, AVIHPO, CAL, CNL, CDSL, CGT Caisse des dépots, CGT ICADE, CGT SNI, CGT FILIMMO, Collectif La Fraternité, Collectif SDF Alsace, Coordination Anti-démolition des quartier pop, COPAF, DAL Fédération, FSU, FSU Caisse des dépôt, HALEM, LDH, No-Vox, Collectif Pas Touche au Livret A, Sans Rien, SNA banque de France, Union Syndicale Solidaire, Abertzaleen Batasuna, LCR, Les Alternatifs, Les Verts, PCF,...

France: Caravane de Pau à Paris!

BEKSAV Cinema Workshop


The National Federation of Gypsy Liason Groups (UK), The Gypsy Council Ltd, International Alliance of Inhabitants, The Monitoring Group Uk

Stop Ethnic Cleansing in Italy - London Protest