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USA: Claim the right to housing now!!

Organize an action in your community for International Housing Rights/Zero Eviction Days in October!

In March 2010, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, Raquel Rolnik, issued a Report spotlighting the many failures of the wealthiest country on the planet to secure adequate housing for its people. Ms. Rolnik’s return to the USA in October is an opportunity to demand action now to realize our Right to Housing.

The Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) have issued global Calls to Action. All local housing rights organizations are asked to sponsor a public action or protest in their communities in October , starting with the UN’s World Habitat Day on October 4, to raise the profile of the struggle for housing rights in opposition to neoliberal policies of massive forced evictions, criminalization of the homeless, speculation and destruction of land and housing.

Since 2003, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) has coordinated HIC’s Housing and Land Rights Days of Action in the US each October. For 2010, as threats to our homes have multiplied, NAHT is joining with the newly formed USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants (USACAI) to issue this Joint Call to Action.

National and local organizations are called to link their current issues, demands and targets related to the right to housing to an October action leading up to the Rolnik visit and beyond. Groups can link any currently or newly planned actions—demonstrations, marches, cultural events, take-overs, take-backs, truth commissions, public hearings, and the like --to this global and national campaign.

To participate, simply forward a brief description of the your action for posting to the HIC website at www.hic-net.org , the IAI website at www.habitants.org , and the NAHT website www.saveourhomes.org . We also ask local groups to post video or news clips about their actions on the campaign websites.

Implement the UN Report!

  • Stop the Privatization of Public Housing!
  • Pass Legislation to Save Our Homes!
  • Stop Predatory Investors in Rental Housing!
  • Homes, Not Jails, for the Homeless!
  • Stop Bank Foreclosures Now!
  • Ratify the Right to Housing Treaty!

CONTACT any of the following for more information:

International Alliance of Inhabitants: info@habitants.org
USACAI: mbricker@temple.edu
HIC’s US Board contact: Michael Kane, NAHT@saveourhomes.org



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