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Home Sweet Home… The Right To Housing is a Human Right

Event – Conference, 4 th October 2011      

The Rome branch of Amnesty International is marking World Habitat Day by remembering the violations of Human Rights suffered by communities across the world, with as many as a billion people being affected.

Aula Urbano VIII - Facoltà di Architettura Roma Tre

Via della Madonna dei Monti, 40 (metro Cavour)

Forced evictions from Homes and properties are a daily reality for more than a billion people, from some of the most vulnerable sections of society across the planet.
The forced eviction of people and communities as their lands are taken for redevelopment is common in several parts of the world.
The Romani and Travellers communities are evicted from sites and homes across Europe, and even suffer deportation.
In countries like Cambodia, Kenya and Nigeria hundred of thousands of persons have already been or are at risk to being cleared in the name of development, restructuring or redevelopment.
The conference will take place in City Classroom VIII of the Faculty of Architecture of Rome III.
Participants/speakers are:

Cesar Ottolini (Coordinator of International Alliance of Inhabitants)

Cleo Albanese (Terra del Fuoco)
Bajram Hasimi (comunità rom di Camping River, Roma)
Joseph G. Jones (Gypsy Council England & European Romani Union)
Paul Tower (Comboniano di Korogocho, Kenya)

Stefano Pasta (Comunità di Sant’Egidio)
Francesco Careri (Dipartimento di Studi Urbani, Università di Roma III)
Fulvio Bugani (photographer - Study IMAGE, Bologna)
Riccardo Noury (spokesman for Italy di Amnesty International).
The Conference “Home Sweet Home… The Right to Housing is a Human Right” is part of the “I Expect Dignity” campaign, launched by Amnesty International in May 2009 in order to denounce and fight violations of Human Rights across Europe.
This campaign runs akin to the “Europe Without Discrimination” campaign which focuses on persecution and exclusion and the discrimination perpetrated on the European continent upon activists and people singled out by their nationality or their ethnic origin, their gender, religion, beliefs or other aspects that relate to their identity or their beliefs.
The organisations and human rights activist involved in this conference urge all governments to put an end to forced evictions, to guarantee equal access to public services to all persons and inhabitants and to give communities and individuals a voice when decisions are being made that affect their lives.
Our campaign aims is to mobilise persons from every part of the world, for them to ask their governments and multinational companies and other influential parties, to listen to the voice of who those who live in poverty and to recognize and protect their rights.
3rd October 2011
Further information, and interviews:
Amnesty International Italy - Office
Tel. 06 4490224 -
Cell. 348-6974361
Email: press@amnesty.it


All'interno della sala verrà allestita parte della mostra fotografica 'INSIDE KIBERA’ di Fulvio Bugani sugli insediamenti abitativi precari in Kenia e parte di "LA RISPOSTA SBAGLIATA" di Christian Minelli sul campo di Casilino 900, prima e dopo lo sgombero.

Info: f.chironda@amnesty.it , l.renzi@amnesty.it

Tel. +39 06 4490246, Cell:+39 327 4488831




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