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Zero Evictions Campaign

Call from Geneva: A city by and for its inhabitants!

To the United Nations, governments and the whole of civil society,

We, the social movements, organisations, networks and NGOs that participated in the Habitat Forum Geneva 2012, denounce violations of the rights to housing and to habitat that affect more than a billion inhabitants of our communities throughout the world, of which between 60 and 70 million are threatened with eviction. This situation is made worse by the global economic crisis and the agendas of neoliberal policies.

In particular, we denounce evictions and acts of violence perpetrated against the communities of Boeung Kak Lake (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Pipeline Community Dharavi (Mumbai, India), Waterfront communities Port Harcourt (Nigeria), Place Jérémie (Port-au-Prince, Haiti), Community of Jardim Sao Francisco (S. Paulo, Brazil). These cases were heard at the second session of the International Evictions Tribunal in Geneva.

We express our mutual solidarity with the struggles of affected communities and mobilised organisations, and we appeal to the international community to support them.

We express our complete support for the recommendations formulated by the International Evictions Tribunal.

We make an urgent appeal to governments of all countries, the United Nations and the whole of civil society to act quickly to put a stop to the unacceptable situations presented to the Tribunal.

We demand that governments take responsibility for respecting housing and habitat rights for all, in particular by putting into place strong public financing policies for the production of affordable housing, especially housing cooperatives.

We undertake to pursue the favourable results already obtained in favour of housing and habitat rights. Therefore, we support the efforts of social organisations given awards at the Habitat Forum Geneva: association Humanitaire AKAMASOA (Madagascar), association LPE (French), DESCO (Peru), cooperatives FUCVAM (Uruguay) and the Uniao por Moradia Popular (Brazil).

Finally, we undertake to pursue the convergence of inhabitants' organisations and networks committed to defending housing rights, through exchange and sharing experiences and building global solidarity with local struggles at the next stages: World zero evictions days – For the right to habitat (throughout the month of October), World Assembly of Inhabitants (WSF Tunis, 23-28 March 2013), Habitat Forum Geneva 2013 (September).

A city by and for its inhabitants!

UrbaMonde (Switzerland), International Alliance of Inhabitants, PALC (Switzerland), Habitat International Coalition, Central Movimentos Populares (Brazil), DESCO (Peru), FRAKKA (Haiti), GARR (Haiti), FUCVAM (Uruguay), PROUD (India), União por Moradia Popular Bahia (Brazil), União dos Movimentos por Moradia de São Paulo (Brazil), Akamasoa (Madagascar), Concerned citizens (Nigeria), Ponceau Écodurable (French), E-Changer, Aitec, Réseau Humanitaire.ws.

Geneva, September 29th  2012


The Volunteer translator for housing rights without frontiers of IAI who has collaborated on the translation of this text was:

Pascale Stephenson


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