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European Action Day for the Right to Housing and the City

Saturday October 19th 2013, The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City announces itself on the European Stage.

The European Action Coalition is made up of a diverse range of groups, organizations and social movements and originated in meetings in Germany and in Greece in 2013.

October 19th we are preparing the European Day of Action for The Right to Housing and the City. Groups in various cities in Europe are coming together to say STOP to the misery caused by speculation, financialisation and austerity measures. We want to promote an ethical and just approach where housing is a human right and a human necessity and where all of thepeople, with no discrimination, have real access to the cities in which they live.

In Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Geneva, Lisbon, Lorient, Malaga, Paris, Poznan, Rhine-Ruhr region, Rome, Rouen, Warsaw  and other places actions are taking place to demand lower rents, the end of all evictions, especially those driven by real estate speculators, the State and Troika, the construction of adequate levels of social housing, and to demand an end to the overwhelming burden of debt that has been placed on ordinary citizens, mass housing and the public budgets. Globalized financial markets and profit orientated transnational corporations are controllinglarge sections of the land, buildings and the housing stock in many European countries. It is our strongly held view that across Europehousing must be based on the needs and rights of people and not those of profit.

In order to meet the local housing needs it is necessary that new housing construction as well as a significant part of the existing housing stock in all towns and cities of Europe, as well as housing finance and land, will be excluded from markets and be organized under direct public and decentralized democratic control.

At the same time all tenants, mortgage payers/holders, dwellers and homeless acrossEurope by international law must have enforceable rights, which guarantee common standards for the security of tenure, affordability, accessibility, construction quality, democratic participation and fairness.

In a large number of countries in Europe today the situation is criticalfor millions of people. The clearest example of the perverse situation wefind ourselves in is that of Spain. In the past five years in Spainsome 300,000 families and individuals have been forcibly evicted fromtheir homes while almost three million housing units remain empty. Banksand financial institutions are having their wishes met while the livesof millions are utterly destroyed. This must to stop now.

General Demands of the European Action Coalition

  • The realization of a legally enforceable Right to Housing for everybody at all levels in all states and territories throughout Europe.
  • The Right to the City as our aspiration of another possible urban development, which is based on collective struggles for equal rights, with no discrimination, solidarity, urban commons and radical democracy.
  • Stop forced evictions in Europe and everywhere!
  • Stop State, EU- and Troika policies which cause evictions, homelessness andhousing shortages. No weakening of housing rights through Troika conditions.
  • Stop the financialisation and privatization of housing. Protect social housing against financial markets.
  • Stop the criminalization of homelessness and of housing right activists.
  • Implement strict rent controls in the public and private sectors.
  • The urgent requisition and use of empty housing units as a solution to chronic housing need.
  • Construction and recuperation of the necessary number of affordable and secure housing at good standards within the cities, outside the financial markets under direct public and democratic control of the inhabitants.

Blog:  http://housing-action.tk/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oct-19th-European-Day-of-Action-for-Housing-Rights/1402919649939067

Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/460204120759718/

Twitter:  #19o,#HousingforPeople

Video:  http://vimeo.com/76972729


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