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Minneapolis, USA. Moratorium on evictions

Name of the initiative:
Minneapolis, USA. Moratorium on evictions
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United States
Nicola Sossass
Date of the initiative:
The Minnesota Five

The “Minnesota Five” will travel to Washington, DC on Zero Eviction Day to meet with congressional representatives to demand a moratorium on evictions.
The struggle of ”The Minnesota Five” has captured national and international attention as five residents facing foreclosure and eviction have vowed to stay in their homes with the help of neighbors and other supporters from Minnesota PPEHRC and other allies. Typifying the collective determination to save their homes is the resistance of Rosemary Williams: Moments after the Sheriff evicted Mrs. Williams from the family home in which she raised her children, organized neighbors entered the home from the rear and took it back.

The plight and fight of the Minnesota Five is documented in a short video available here: www.Youtube.com/watch?v=zQeNyVjHuvQ Beginning with a map of the hundreds of homes being foreclosed by “bailout banks” in one part of the city, the video then presents interviews of the Minnesota Five, most of whom are employed and all of whom face court-ordered eviction.

On Zero Eviction Day, the Minnesota Five will lead the PPEHRC initiatives by travelling to Washington, DC to demand a moratorium on evictions and congressional action to bail out the people, not the banks. A press conference at the National Press Club will be followed by meetings with members of congress and a direct action taken on behalf of the millions across the USA who have been evicted or who are imminently facing eviction.

Rosemary Williams of Minnesota PPEHRC with supporters from Critical Mass Action in front of the home she refused to leave after the court ordered the sheriff to evict her.
Zero Evictions Campaign
Nicola Sossass