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Zero Evictions Campaign

Join the struggle to 'Save Narmada, Save Farming'

Save the Narmada, raise your voice!    

Farmers,  adivasis,  workers,  cattle grazers, fishermen, boatsmen…
Call for freedom from debt, and fair price for agricultural and natural produce

Topple the mighty, the chance is ripe!

Reach Khalghat on the evening of 29th May...30th May, Pithampur...31st May, at NCA office, Indore. Move through Vijaynagar and Dewas...1st June, Sihore. March on foot from Sihore starts 2nd June, till Bhopal…On 4th June,rally to Neelam Park, Bhopal for the Public Meet from 9am to 11am and the People's Tribunal. 

Retired Judges presiding...their verdict is the roar of justice!

The shrinking of the Narmada, pilfering of its resources, attacks on environment and culture and threat of drought, are there for all to see. The struggle continues against the displacement of hundreds of thousands, corruption in the resettlement process, fraud, law breaking and mismanagement. We want full rights of fishermen not just in Sardar Sarovar but Bargi, IndiraSagar, Onkareshwar, and other dams on Narmada and other rivers. Landowning farmers and landless labourers should legally be given more farmland or a way to earn a living. Hydro-electric projects and industries are draining the Narmada, leaving her streams dry and farmers and adivasis  hungry. Every pipe-linking project drawing thousands of litres of water each second will cause the death of the river, be it Chutka Nuclear Power Plant, companies and industries, or the plan for the Narmada waters to be diverted to all towns of Malwa district in M.P. With no environmental laws ensured for the downstream of each dam upto Bharuch, how long can Narmada survive?

We ask those who stole crores for the Narmada Seva Yatra- by ruining our Mother, destroying our forests, mining sand illegally, and unleashing huge floods, what did you gain? What did you lose? Neither were liquor shops shifted or prohibited, nor was dumping of waste and drainage into Narmada banned. 

The voices that have risen in protest from the Narmada in M.P. are not just those of farmers alone, but also workers, fishermen, boatsmen, artisans and others. Our livelihoods are today facing a grave threat. We want our agriculture, life and livelihood in tune with nature.

We demand 1.5 times the cost price for all of the agri-produce grown with our labour, nature, skills, and expertise. Farmers will only benefit if the price is brought to more than 3500rs/qtl for wheat, at least 2000rs/qtl for maize, 6000rs/qtl for cotton, and correct prices for fruits, vegetables, and hilly millets. Cattle grazers demand 60rs/kg for milk. The adivasis  also must benefit from the forest produce. No more will manual labourers and those dependent on natural resources be pushed to suicide. We will have our rightful price, come what may! 

We, the farmers, have fallen into debt because of wrongful government policies. The burden should fall not on society, but on the government. Why are we who feed the people and provide milk for their babies dying hungry and thirsty? Why were the farmers of Mandsaur killed and murdered? Why are Andolan workers slapped with false cases? 

Against this oppression we will protest: Relieve us of our unfair debt and fix real and just prices.

The 'Narmada Aur Kisani Bachao Jang' march in the memory of the martyrs of Mandsaur, with farmers coming from every district along the river Narmada, from Bharuch, Gujarat; Baroda Narmada and other districts, Badwani, Dhar, Khargone; Jabalpur, Seoni to Mandsaur. Under the banner of various organizations including the Narmada Bachao Andolan, Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sangharsh Samiti  and others, we will march with farmers from Mandsaur, Ratlam, Devas, and Ujjain to fight for the passage of two important bills placed before the Parliament.

We must challenge the Madhya Pradesh government to protect agriculture and the environment. Get ready! We must take the struggle for our survival by the horns. Bhavantar as well as Fasal Beema are frauds and could not resolve certain crises!

Come in full strength, come out of your houses. Join us in vehicles as we move from village to village and towns, addressing people on the issue. 

The farmers will join us as we march through Madhya Pradesh (from Maharashtra and Gujarat) from 29th May to 4th June! Below is the schedule-

  • Meeting and stay on 29th May evening in Khalghat.
  • Leave on 30th May morning, through meetings in Dhamnod, Mahu, to meeting at 6pm in Pithampur and stay overnight.
  • On 31st May, full day demonstration in front of the Narmada Control Authority in Indore
  • At 7:30 pm on 31st May, People's Meet at Jawahar Chowk in Devas.
  • Leaving in the morning on 1st June, reach Sihore via Ashta. 5pm meeting and stay at Sihore.
  • From Sihore on 2nd June morning starts the foot march for farmer's rights…Fanda on 2nd June. Stay near Lalghati/Shahjani Park on 3rd June. (Public Meeting with national leaders of AIKSCC, farmers on the way to Bhopal.) Reach Neelam Park in Bhopal on 4th June.  Farmer-politician V.M. Singh, Dr. Yogendra Yadav Ji, Raju Shetti  and others will address the gathering from 9 to 11:30 am.
  • People's Tribunal will be held from 1pm to 6pm on 4th June. Justice Gopal Gowda, Justice Abhay Thipsay and other retired judges will rule on the Narmada and farmer's issues . Come and join us in this fight…lend your support as far as possible.
  • The participating organizations are- Narmada Bachao Andolan (MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat), Bargi Bandh Visthapit Avam Prabhavit Sangharsh Samiti, Tristar Panchayat Raj Sangathan, Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, Chutka Parmanu Sangharsh Samiti, Kisan Sangharsh Samiti (M.P.), AITUC and other labour organizations (M.P.), Bharat Jan Andolan (M.P.), Vindhya Vikas Abhiyaan Satna, 'Roko Toko Thoko' Krantikari Morcha Sidhi, Bharatiya Kisan Union Narsinghpur.

Yours respectfully

Rajkumar Sinha, Suresh Patidar, Devram Kinera, Satyam Pandey, Jagdish Patel, Kailash Avasya, Babu Patel, Shyama Machhuara, Mohan Patidar, Madhuresh Kumar, Liladhar Chaudhary (Devas), Sundar Patel (Mahu), Dinesh Kushvah (Mahu), Bairagi Ji (Sihore), Mohan Nimji (Pithampur), K.P.S. Baghel (Sihore), Medha Patkar

Contact :  Rajkumar Sinha- 9424385139  Suresh Patidar- 8770433176/9009882525  Shyam Bhadane- 9713795095 Himshi Singh- 9867348307 Rahul Yadav- 9179617513   Mohsin (Bhopal)- 9039205522 Satyam Pandey (Bhopal)- 8319759353   Madhuresh Kumar (Bhopal) - 9818905316 Mukesh Bhagoriya- 9826811982   Rajat Chhokar- 982120290.


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