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Zero Evictions Campaign

"World Zero Evictions Day 2008" Video Contest

The International Alliance of Inhabitants is an international network of associations and urban social movements whose goal is to build another possible world, based on the right to housing and to the city without borders (the Organizer). We are launching an international contest open to all who have a talent for making videos and who would like to contribute to the struggle for the right to housing without borders.

The goal of the contest is to use the medium of film to raise awareness of the violations of the right to housing on World Zero Evictions Days 2008. The videos for the contest will be put online at www.habitants.org. The best videos will then be compiled into a DVD produced by IAI and shown on several continents.

Guidelines for Participation

Theme: Violations of the right to housing (evictions in particular)

Section A (free technique): 3 minutes maximum (for all techniques)
Section B (documentaries): 8 minutes maximum (for documentaries or stories including interviews).
Opening and closing credits are INCLUDED in the durations mentioned.
Extra Section (other formats): Longer videos. You can also send a us video that corresponds to the subject, even if it doesn't belong in categories A and B. In this case, the video will neither be shown on the site nor on the DVD. You can however send us an extract whose length is compatible with section A or B.

Language: you can use any language you want, preferably with English, Spanish or French subtitles and/or with a list of the dialogues.

New deadline: December 15 2008!
Presentation of videos from 15 September to 15 December 2008.
Once participants have put their videos online on Youtube following the instructions, they can register at My Space .

Online voting for the videos from up to 31 December 2008.
The voting is easy, on a scale from 1 to 5.
To avoid spam, voters will have to undergo a simple registration and identification procedure.
The earlier you send in your video, the more votes it can get!

What is at stake:
For everyone
The IAI is an organization of volunteers, so there will not be a cash prize.
We feel that the volunteer activity of talented people represents a great and important contribution to the struggle for solidarity and for the right to housing without borders.
To highlight this contribution, all videos accepted will be displayed on a special page of the site, which receives more than 180,000 visits per month.
For the video winners
The winning videos will be announced by IAI's Coordination Committee on the basis of online votes by the public and the opinion of recognized experts. There will be 5 winners in the 8-minute category and 5 in the 3-minute category. We will also be awarding a number of special prizes.
The videos will be shown during the World Social Forum (Belem, 27-31 January 2009) and at special events linked to the Zero Evictions Campaign in all the countries and continents where it is active.
The videos will be also be promoted at specialist festivals.
Finally, the best videos will be placed on a DVD which will be distributed freely to organizations that make up the network and distributed for no profit as part of initiatives fighting for the right to housing.

Registering for the Video Contest
Participants can send a maximum of three videos for each category.
The videos will be put online via Youtube by the author, who must specifically mention "Zero Evictions Days 2008" along with two other references chosen by the author.
Participants have to register on the website, by filling in the form and including the Youtube link.

All source formats are accepted from FLV format (which can be downloaded directly from the video contest form) to all those supported by YouTube. The maximum size for the videos is 120MB, whether they are on YouTube or remain on our site (apart from valid exceptions).
NB: Winners will be asked to make sure they have a copy of the video with a minimal resolution of 800x600 pixels (except for special cases).

Entry is free.
All the accepted videos will be published on www.habitants.org.
The winners will be notified by email by the IAI coordinator.
They must then send in the original video.

The organizer will not be held responsible for damages or loss of videos sent over the Internet nor any adverse effects contest participants may be subject to.
Participants must possess exclusive rights to all work presented. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any demand for damages or complaints by third parties for the violation of copyright due to content or for any claims in relation to the presented material.
The participant assumes full responsibility for presenting material for the contest, and sends the material at his/her own risk and under his/her own responsibility.

Participant Rights
All moral rights pertain to the participants.
Registration implies participants’ agreement with the contest conditions; no monetary prize will be awarded to participants.

Organizer Rights
The videos will remain the property of the right holders. IAI retains the non-exclusive right (knowing that entry implies participants’ agreement with the contest conditions and that no monetary prize will be awarded to participants) to publication and duplication on the Internet site and to projection, as well as the DVD publishing rights. The videos will be usable under the Creative Commons // reuse // attribute license.

The organizer has the obligation to protect the private life of participants, in order to prevent improper use or falsification of personal information.
When required, the organizer will check the personal data of the participants on behalf of third parties collaborating in the competition management.

Vote and Commission
Voting will be open to the public on the site from 1 October to 31 December 2008, and will be completed by the Coordination Committee, whose decision will be definitive and irrevocable.

Register to participate in the Video Contest and share your work for free from 15 September until 15 December 2008!