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Barcelona-London livestreaming


"Rethinking Bonpastor" Follow-up

The BonThinkers group will be presenting in London the proposal for the urban regeneration with a participatory and “Zero Evictions” approach in a public forum, at which live connections with chair of the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions of UN-Habitat, the co-ordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants and some of the Bon Pastor local inhabitants, will be set up to present the current scenario.

Livestreaming: Friday the 7th May (11.00 am London time, 12.00 am Barcelona time)

» "Rethinking Bonpastor" Follow-up

The International Alliance of Inhabitants is a global network of associations and social movements of inhabitants, cooperatives, communities, tenants, house owners, homeless, slum dwellers, indigenous populations and people from working class neighbourhoods. The objective is the construction of another possible world starting from the achievement of the housing and city rights.