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Invitation: the schedule for the preparation of WAI events

The schedule for meetings of the joint steering committees that are in the process of preparing the various events that form the World Assembly of Inhabitants. An invitation to become involved.

The organisations and networks of inhabitants involved in the organisation of the WAI in Tunis are in the process of implementing points of agreement at the territorial level, and of preparing events at which the key themes will be debated.

On this basis, the steering committees that include the representatives of the various organisations involved in the struggles relating to specific themes have been established. Their objective is to debate the methodology of meetings, of interventions, the systematizisation of experiences of struggle and the proposals that will be made, notably by a declaration and commitments for next steps.

The promoters of these committees stress the effort put into the opening of this preparatory stage and invite all interested parties to participate in future meetings – to be held via Skype according to the following agenda:

Wednesday 20/02/13 16.00 h GMT

International Meeting: Zero Evictions and Stop Land Grabbing campaigns, supporting the popular sovereignty of the territories

Info: Cristina Almazan e-mail: almazan.cristina@gmail.com

Wednesday 20/02/13 17.00 h GMT

International Meeting of victims of the housing markets

Info: Ernesto Chuza Ledesma e-mail: modevifa@hotmail.com

Thursday 21/02/13 15.00 h GMT

International Meeting: Towards a Pan-African network of inhabitants organisations

Info: Mike Davies e-mail: iai.southernafrica@habitants.org

Tuesday 26/02/13 17.00 h GMT

International Meeting: Leaving the market to decently house one billion people

Info: Paul Maquet Makedonsky e-mail: paulmakedonski@yahoo.fr

For more information:  amh-wai2013@habitants.org


The Volunteer translator for housing rights without frontiers of IAI who has collaborated on the translation of this text was:

Kirsty Campbell


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